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Be a Better Fan: Learn the Game Xs & Os Resources

Film Study: Michigan State Spartans

The Dawgs dominate with another explosive offensive performance and maybe... a rushing attack?

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Film Study: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

The Huskies head back to the lab to concoct a run game and defensive pressure

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Film Study Hall

Film Study: Boise State Broncos

The offense shakes off the rust, the defense gets after it, and special teams lays the lumber

Film Study: Alamo Bowl

DeBoer & Grubb outduel Sarkisian & Kwiatkowski

Film Study: Apple Cup

The UW offense was crisper than the cold in Pullman

Film Study: Colorado

Huskies simmer to a blowout win

Film Study: Oregon Ducks

Ball control first half, then let it fly.

Film Study: Oregon State

Penix Jr. spirals balls through the wind. Most good, some bad.

Film Study: Cal Bears

Getting it done (mostly) on 3rd down

Film Study: Arizona Wildcats

More great offense from the Huskies

Film Study: Arizona State

Is this a trend?

Film Study: UCLA

Can’t cover Bobo. Can’t tackle Bobo.

Film Study: Stanford Cardinal

Tanner McKee saw some purple.

Film Study: Michigan State

Great execution again from UW

Film Study: Portland State

Quick review of the Dawgs final tune-up game

Film Study: Defense vs Kent State

More aggressive? Yes. Better? We’ll see.

Film Study: Offense vs Kent State

Was it as good as we thought?

Film Study: Oregon Ducks

A lot of hot air and finger-pointing, but on the field this Husky team came to play

Film Study: Stanford Cardinal

Turning yards into points, and hello Mr. Dominique Hampton

Film Study: Arizona Wildcats

The Huskies continue to give us one quarter of good football per week

Film Study: UCLA Bruins

Did the Dawgs look a little better?

Film Study: Offense vs OSU

Some encouraging signs, but too many critical mistakes

Film Study: Defense vs OSU

Not great.

Film Study: Cal Golden Bears

If UW could have executed for all 60 minutes, they wouldn’t have needed the extra time to win.

Film Study: Arkansas State Red Wolves

The UW offense comes alive with the help of three healthy wideouts.

Film Study: Michigan Wolverines

Are good running teams going to have their way with the Huskies this season?

Film Study: Montana

Where to start?

Film Study: Stanford

Another feather in the cap of David Shaw and the Cardinal

Film Study: Utah

Washington did not play great, but grinded to a win

Film Study: Arizona Wildcats

Huskies dominate on both sides of the ball

Oregon State Film Study: Defense

The Beavers only mustered 252 yards of total offense. It just seemed like more than that.

Oregon State Film Study: Offense

You like handoffs? Then come on in.

Film Study: Apple Cup

This series has been in reruns for over half a decade

Film Study: Oregon State


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