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Introducing: The First Ever UWDP "Dawgcast"

Welcome to the first ever UW Dawg Pound "Dawgcast" In this inaugural addition, we breakdown the incoming freshman class, and also touch on the recent news of the Conroy hiring, our expectations for next season, and much, much more!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever addition of the UW Dawg Pound "Dawgcast." This podcast will be dedicated to covering the basketball team. We dove right in in the first episode,  discussing everything from the transfers of Nigel Williams Goss and Jernard Jarreau, to the new recruiting class and the hiring of Will Conroy, and much, much more.

This time of the year is relatively quiet for the basketball team, but I am hoping to get a follow up podcast, touching on recruiting and the North Seattle summer league, so stay tuned. As far as the season goes, it is my hope that we will have a new Dawgcast bimonthly to be able to follow the rise of the team more closely, as well as to discuss the rest of the league. But, I am getting ahead of myself, for now, I hope you enjoy the first episode!

I would like to say thank you first and foremost to my co-host on the Dawgcast, and friend Ben Knibbe. Ben put in tireless hours editing, and re-editing this episode, and when he thought he was done, he had to re-edit some more. This wouldn't have been possible without him.

I would also like to thank Paul Rogers, Host of the Seattle Sin Bin and senior writer for Sonics Rising. He helped me wade through the confusion of trying to start a podcast, and was more than willing to answer all of my painstakingly simple questions. Paul, thank you.

I would also like to thank Steve Stearns, writer for Sonics Rising. He is an incredibly talented muscian, and he provided the awesome intro song for our podcast. I thanked him at the conclusion of our podcast, but unfortunately it was deleted, so I will say it here: thank you Steve.

Okay, enough with all of the touchyfeely stuff, enjoy the Dawgcast!

You can find the link to the Dawgcast here.

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