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UW Dawg Pound Tournament Challenge

Just so you know, my bracket is infallible.

We'll be back
We'll be back
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

No, the Huskies are not in any post-season tournaments. That doesn't mean you shouldn't fill out a bracket this year. You can show your luck depth of college basketball knowledge. Like 14-year-old me. He watched about five games of basketball all season long, and finished in the 99.7th percentile of the ESPN Tournament Challenge. He knew more about college basketball than any later iteration of myself.

So, you know you are filling out a bracket, so why not compete against the rest of the Dawg Pound when you do it? SB Nation has partnered with Realtime Brackets for the Tournament this year, and it is your chance to whoop up on Gekko and the rest of the Dawg Pound staff (ain't nobody topping me). Go to, and search UWDawgPound. or follow this link.

Realtime Brackets offers a new kind of bracket that allows you to change your picks as the Tournament is going on (for a reduced amount of points, of course). If there is demand for it, we can create a second UWDP bracket group with this set of rules. As of right now, UWDawgPound is currently set to only allow traditional brackets. Please only one bracket per person.

This isn't for the esoteric Dawg Pound group. If you're a lurker, commenter, FanPoster, join in on the fun! If you are just finding the Dawg Pound today, then join in. If you are a Duck fan, Zags fan, or Cougar, we welcome the opportunity to steamroll you.

Good luck in your brackets, I got Kentucky winning it all with Gonzaga, Arizona and Virginia currently rounding out the Final Four (subject to change). Who you got?