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Malik Dime rejects Martin Breunig's homecoming as Washington Huskies dominate Montana Grizzlies

92-62 and it was really that much of a blowout.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This game was circled as the return of Martin Breunig to Hec Ed, where he sometimes played in blowouts and did this. He might have still been part of the story following the game, but on the other end. His return was nothing close to triumphant. Malik Dime had a block party at Breunig's old flat but denied Breunig at the door multiple times in a several second span.

It was that type of game for Montana, and thus that type of game for the Washington Huskies. UW out athletic-ed the Grizzlies and won the foul shot battle as well, which was likely the most important of the two fights. Washington shot 28-41 from the stripe and Montana 13-21.

This game wasn't Washington at its best, but it didn't matter, it was Washington at its most Washington. The Dawgs used their athleticism to push the ball up the court and score in transition, showing why they have the second-fastest pace in all of NCAA. Andrew Andrews got to the line a couple times, Marquese Chriss showed why he is a one-and-done candidate by distributing the basketball from the post, pogo-sticking around the rim and shooting the ball away from it.

David Crisp continued to prove the Isaiah Thomas comparisons right with ballsy threes and acrobatic drives. Donaven Dorsey splashed home a three. The team just dominated from start to finish. The score was only within single digits early on because Montana hit four of its first five three pointers. That didn't continue as regression hit Montana's shooting for the rest of the game.

The final score did the reality of the game justice. This was the final lineup for the Huskies:


Yeah, it was fun. Go Dawgs