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Last-second field goal lifts Arizona over Washington 27-26

After missing his iced kick, Arizona's Casey Scowron hit a 47-yard field goal as time expired for the win over Washington.

Kasen Williams with the football!
Kasen Williams with the football!
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Instant Dots:

  • The Husky defense came to play. Arizona is probably the best offense in the Pac-12 aside from Oregon, and the UW defense did its best to hold them in check, and it was a team effort. Andrew Hudson took advantage of the attention Hau'oli Kikaha and Danny Shelton drew all game long. The young players in the secondary played well (dot on that lower down)

  • The penalty disparity was ridiculous. The first half had the Huskies marked for nine penalties for 67 yards against zero penalties called against Arizona. No penalty disparity should be that bad. There was one play in particular that was egregious. Budda Baker broke up a deep pass down the numbers on the right side of the field. Brandon Beaver was in coverage in the slot on the offensive left. The WR he was matched up with in man coverage initiated contact seven yards down the field, including caressing Beaver's facemask with the tender touch of a vicegrip. The two tumbled to the ground and Beaver was called for defensive holding. First down Arizona.

  • Speaking of the young secondary, after a big completion over the top of Sidney Jones, the young defensive backs played well. John Ross looked like a natural, starting at cornerback opposite Jones, Budda Baker was all over the field, breaking up passes and hitting everybody he could get within a shoulder's reach of. Jones aquitted himself after the big touchdown and dropped pick six to have solid coverage the rest of the way, including outleaping a receiver for an interception after Anu Solomon was leveled by Andrew Hudson, who has had an under-the-radar really good season. Then Jones had another interception when "The Kid's kid" Trey Griffey killed a route and Solomon didn't.

  • Scott Lawyer has a goal: hurt people. Every chance he gets he lays wood on an offensive player, whether that be a receiver, quarterback or runner of the football. It's really fun to watch.

  • Despite the best running back on the team being switched back to defense, the Huskies offense looked really good. Dwayne Washington ran the ball well both inside and between the tackles. Cooper played well, and Miles threw the ball with anticipation and accuracy. This might have been the best game of the year for the offensive line. Arizona doesn't have a particularly dominating front seven, but it was still a strong performance for the line.

  • Aside from Colin Tanigawa. Panda struggled with his snaps, badly. It threw the offense out of rhythm on a good number of plays, and he even direct snapped it to Cooper unintentionally. Should the run have been to the opposite side of the field (meaning Cooper would have lined up on the other side of Miles), it would have been a fifteen-yard loss, if not a turnover.

  • Much more heavily involved this game were Joshua Perkins and Kasen Williams. Perkins had several key third-down conversions while Williams had a season-high in receptions.

  • The game was encouraging as a whole, but the loss calls on the snapping. A missed snap on a PAT lost the Huskies one point. The Huskies lost by one point. I have to believe that the Huskies lost at least one point via Panda's bad snaps as well. Silver linings abound, but many guts received punches.

  • If you are a head coach icing a kicker, I don't understand why you let the kicker get what amounts to a warm-up kick when you call your timeout. I really don't. It worked for Sarkisian against Arizona, but it just doesn't seem like a good strategy to me.

What are your Instant Dots?

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