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Stuff and Shenanigans: Race Porter, Confirmed Australian Icon

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All We Hear is Purple: 100% Colon-free Deer!

We’re a The Band podcast now, team. And some football, I guess...

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Call For Questions: “52 Point Pick-Me-Up” Edition

Unsportsmanlike conduct, on the offensive coordinator. Mild deception. 15 yard penalty. Still 1st down.

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Washington Huskies Football

College Football Saturday Week 3 Open Thread

Join your fellow Dawg fans watching the action throughout week 3

The Prediction: Arkansas State

Do the UWDP staff think the Huskies will finally win a game this season?

Washington vs. Arkansas State How to Watch

Time, TV, Streaming, and More

Opponent Defense Preview: Arkansas State

Third time’s a charm?

Stuff and Shenanigans: More Bad Poetry

Gather round and watch as Gabey slowly goes legitimately insane.

Mailbag: “Lost in the Maize” Edition

Do you think anyone asked me about firing John Donovan?

Three Things We Learned: Michigan

We found 1 piece of good news and it was wearing #1 on 2 less good things

Tuesday Dots: Blame Game

Jimmy Lake puts the focus on himself while the Trojans finally had enough

Was Hiring Lake Always Going to be a Mistake?

A look at how the most successful programs have found their head coaches and whether prior P5 experience was necessary

Call For Questions: “Lost in the Maize” Edition

Words. I don’t have them right now but ask me a question and I might have some later.

Recruiting Roundup: Husky Commits & Targets Shine On The Field

Husky Commits & Targets Shine

Washington at Michigan Game Thread

Here we go. Follow along right here.

College Football Saturday Week 2 Open Thread

A full lineup for your viewing pleasure

The Prediction: Michigan

Can the Dawgs rebound in the Big House? We give our answers to that question.

Stuff and Shenanigans: Hello darkness my old friend

Holy lobotomize me, Batman.

Mailbag: “The Revenant” Edition

In which I seemingly answer whether every member of the team and coaching staff should be benched or fired

Call For Questions: “The Revenant” Edition

Woof. And not in the we just got a new commit way.

Recruiting Roundup: Huskies Have A Few Local Targets On Campus For The Montana Game

Several Husky Targets Head Over To Montlake

#20 Washington vs. Montana Game Thread

The 2021 season is finally here for the Huskies

College Football Saturday Week 1 Open Thread

A full lineup for your viewing pleasure

The Prediction: #20 Washington vs. Montana

What do our UWDP writers think is going to happen in the season opener tomorrow?

30 Day Countdown, Day 1: UW’s 2021 Game Recaps

Get tomorrow’s Husky news today

College Football Thursday Week 1 Open Thread

Several Pac-12 schools make their debuts tonight. Follow along.

Opponent Defense Preview: Montana Grrrrrrrizzlies

Guys it’s football season!

#20 Washington vs. Montana How to Watch

Time, TV, Streaming, and More

30 Day Countdown- Day 3: Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year

Which defender will take home the conference hardware?

Mailbag: “Are We There Yet?” Edition

AKA the "Where’s Brad?" edition

30 Day Countdown- Day 4: Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year

Which of the leading candidates is your pick to bring home the hardware at the end of the year?

Washington Football Initial 2021 Depth Chart Released

We run through any and all surprises from the intitial release

30 Day Countdown: Day 5 - Biggest Trap Game

Which game should we probably be more nervous about than we are?

Call For Questions: “Are We There Yet?” Edition

Evidently not

Recruiting Roundup: Huskies Extend A Few New Offers

Huskies Extend A Few New Offers