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UWDP Editorials

The Dawg Pound Staff offers a variety of opinions and takes on the latest happening on Montlake and around CFB

Only One Question Matters Down the Stretch

Are we there yet?

Where Do Huskies, Hopkins Go From Here?

Washington ended their 3rd straight season without sniffing an NCAA tournament berth so what should we expect now?

The Puka Nacua Ink Blot Test

What did you see in the Nacua transfer?

Pac-12 Faces an Existential Crisis with Big 10 Announcement

What do we now that the B1G has seemingly left the conference at the altar?

UW MBB Finds Itself at Uncomfortably Familiar Inflection Point

Are the Huskies in the middle of deja vu all over again?

Rankings: Everything is just Ducky

Oregon’s Rose Bowl championship puts a shine on a mostly dismal season for the PAC 12.

Reflecting on the Legacy

Bowl Projections: meltdowns and championship contenders

Oregon and Utah ... and Mike Leach, obviously.

Rankings: another messy Saturday

The PAC 12 is in danger of missing the CFP for the third straight season

Rankings: Saturday Bloody Saturday

Blowouts and one good game is what we had.

Rankings: about that D

Week 11 was a great weekend for College Football and Husky fans.

Rankings: the race for the PAC narrows

Utah and Oregon welcome an unexpected team to the race for the PAC.

Rankings: Streak-over Saturday

Streaks were ended as the PAC 12 slipped further towards the edge of chaos.

Rankings: Bottoms Up

The power rankings are bottoms up after a weird and disappointing week in the PAC.

Rankings: Ducks...Ducks...Defense

The Huskies drop fifty while Oregon and Utah separate.

Rankings: Not Over Stanford Getting Over

After six weeks, the Ducks are flying high.

Reacting to California’s Fair Pay to Play Act

Breaking down the new California law that allows college athletes to get paid.

Rankings: dumb, fat attrition

Injuries and attrition are starting to become factors for teams across the conference.

Rankings: Cougs and Bruins, oh my

The Huskies cruise, Cal surprises and WSU did something that will never be done again.

Rankings and Overreactions: Its all Cougs and Utes

The PAC 12 pecking order begins to establish itself as conference play commences

Rankings: Washington Sinking Like a Stone

The Huskies are on the fall while Utah, USC and Cal all make their moves after week 2

Rankings: Washington finds its QB

The Huskies, Utes, and Cougars all impress while Oregon falls in a busy Week 1.

Charting UW’s path to the CFP

There is a way, but it won’t be easy.

Washington Tops our Preseason Power Rankings


the 2019 Gekko Files: Predicting Every Single PAC 12 Game

It’s a fool’s errand. I’m a fool. Voila

the 2019 Gekko Files: projecting life after the ‘stache for WSU

After 11 wins and a bowl victory, can things get even better for WSU?

the 2019 Gekko Files: Is the Utes Movement For Real?

The rightful favorites in the South want to be offensive in 2019.

the 2019 Gekko Files: Previewing Oregon Ducks Football

Believe the hype. Or not.

the 2019 Gekko Files: UCLA’s Chip-show

Chip Kelly still doesn’t care what you think of him.

the 2019 Gekko Files: ASU Ain’t So Forked Up

Herm Edwards shocked us with his hiring and then shocked the world by going to a bowl. What’s next?

the 2019 Gekko Files: the Stagnation of Stanford

Consistently good but consistently not great is quickly becoming the norm in Palo Alto. Could 2019 be a breakout?

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