That top 2 was easy to pick


Most Impressive Teams in College Football (Week 1) 1 Colorado Buffaloes 2 Florida State Seminoles 3 Washington Huskies 4 Oklahoma Sooners 5 Utah Utes 6 Fresno State Bulldogs 7 Cal Golden Bears 8 Wyoming Cowboys 9 Tennessee Volunteers 10 Texas State Bobcats

Coach Talks Stomping Oregon


"It means so much because we’re giving our players a great experience. I’m going to be talking about this 10, 20 or 30 years down the road. Hopefully Husky Nation is too. There are so many great lessons you learn from athletics, but these moments are the ones that we share all together. It’s going to be fun rehashing these great moments, where the ball was at, how we came through. It was big, and I’m so proud." -Kalen DeBoer

Computer Picks

Kirkland Report


I saw this on here somewhere before but couldn't fin it. why did we move him to guard he should be a top tackle what did our coaching staff do to him?

Old Michael Penix piece


Review of Penix before he came here. Did penix get better or was this guy just wrong?

No Title


Not sured how many of you out there are musicians but THIS KID IS FRAKIN FABULOS:

Another good review of Ulofoshio


I want to watch this one too. Can he get better in 2022?

Great take on Kirkland


Wanting to track this one and see what they say closer to drfat

Steve Pool gets a gift from Addidas


Steve Pool is gifted new kicks from Addidas and the UW.

UW Football 2019 Hype Video


Check out my UW Football Hype Video. Let me know what you think! Go Dawgs!

UW no longer in it for Smalls


To say that this is disappointing is an understatement. It is his decision and I don't want to judge it because he's the one that has to live with it, and I think that we should all respect that.