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Dots! I'm surrounded by dots!

Friday Dots: Super 16

The WBB team looks to keep up their run in the WNIT while Softball has a big series this weekend against Arizona

Dots: Reunited and it feels so good

Greg and Vita, together again officially.

Tuesday Dots: Menifield Of Dreams

The Huskies received some well-needed good news with the return of the Electric Freshman Keyon Menifield

Monday Dots: Women’s Basketball Shows Steady Improvement

Softball beats #3, but drops a pair

Friday Dots: Moving On

The Huskies defeated San Francisco in the first round of the WNIT

Thursday Dots: One last shot

Plus newcomers to football and a track national title.

Tuesday Dots: NIT Bound

The Washington Women’s Hoops Team will be Hosting San Francisco this Thursday in the NIT

Dots: Diamond Dawgs

Softball and baseball Pac-12 home play starts today, woo!

Tuesday Dots: Day One Done

The first day of spring ball is in the books

Thursday Dots: Dawg Class

Kelsey Plum: Cool Person.

Tuesday Dots: A Dream of Spring

Pac-12 FotW Honors for Ruby Meylan and spring practices inch nearer for football

Thursday Dots: Lights, Camera, Mack-tion

4-star reclassified QB Austin Mack is officially signed and softball gets back to it starting this morning

Tuesday Dots: Freshman of the Week

Keyon Menifield picked up honors while the women’s basketball team has played their way onto the bubble

Monday Dots: Basketball and Softball Unblemished

A very winning weekend for the Dawgs

Thursday dots: PNDub

Sorry Oregon.

Wednesday Dots: Early Starts

Early spring practice, an early enrollee, and more!

Tuesday Dots: Multiple Partners

The conference has so many offers for their media rights deal, like almost too many offers if we’re being honest

Monday Dots: Super Dawgs

Two Huskies earn some jewelry

Thursday Dots: First Pitch

Aaaaand we’re off!

Tuesday Dots: Family Matters

Softball season is ready to begin, the Huskies are dominating on the track, and an award for Elle Ladine

Monday Dots: Felling Trees

Husky women are lumberjacks and they’re ok

Thursday Dots: QuarterMack

And softball season is. So. Close.

Wednesday Dots: New Dawg Day

An old dawg (Ryan Grubb) is sticking around, a new 4 star Dawg (Taeshaun Lyons) officially signs, and more!

Tuesday Dots: Grubb-le Crossed? (Never Doubted For a Second)

The Husky OC is in talks with Alabama about their open position

Monday Dots: Running on Dots

Husky Hoops stall out in big home test

Thursday Dots: The good, the sad, and the fugly

Two weeks to softball!

Washington Dots: Just a buncha quarterback stuff

And a buncha other stuff, too.

Tuesday Dots: The Born Legacy

Washington lost a 2024 commit but gained a familiar PWO for 2023

Monday Dots: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Husky hoops have hardships

Tuesday Dots: Freshman of the Week

Koren Johnson secures FOTW honors and the Pac-12 football schedule is coming later this week

Monday Dots: Depth Charge

Huskies find success in hoops

Dots: The Place Beyond the Plain

And some potential impact transfers and some potential impact young non-transfers.