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Dots! I'm surrounded by dots!

Thursday Dots: Upper Left, USA

And let the meme hype videos reign free!

Wednesday Dots: Shining Star

Michael Penix Jr. has led UW to a ranked 3-0 start and the national media has taken notice.

Tuesday Dots: The Ja’lynn Polk-a

Ja’lynn Polk danced all over Michigan State as part of an avalanche of awards for UW’s top performers

Monday Dots: Riding High into Monday

Dawgs bask in the glory of a memorable weekend

Friday Dots: Familiar Foe

Michael Penix, Jr. is 1-1 vs Michigan State

Thursday dots: Home field

And some pre-pre-game thoughts.

Wednesday Dots: College Football Gem

Husky Stadium is a gem and will be hosting a ‘gem’ of a game where the Huskies are the favorite to upset the #11 ranked Spartans.

Tuesday Dots: Purple Out!

It’s a Purple Out this Saturday as the Huskies welcome Sparty into town.

Monday Dots: Vikings Raided

Huskies shift focus to Sparty

Thursday dots: Detours

And a Seattle music history tribute.

Wednesday Dots: Performance under Pressure

Michael Penix Jr.’s performance against Kent State was noteworthy and the men’s soccer team gets a win and some honors.

Tuesday Dots: Only The Beginning

The Kalen DeBoer era starts with a bang with still more work to be done, as the Huskies head into week Two.

Monday Dots: Flashes in the Pan

The World Reacts to Deboer Debut

Thursday Dots: So Close

Two more days everyone, stay calm!

Wednesday Dots: Game Prep

Just 3 more days!!!

Monday Dots: The Week Of!

Season kickoff draws ever nearer

Thursday dots: Game winning field goal

We’re so close yet so far.

Wednesday Dots: The Penix Mightier

Indiana transfer earns starting QB gig, and more!

Monday Dots: The Big 20?

Chatter this weekend of the Big Ten expanding to 20 teams and UW getting closer to naming a starting QB.

Thursday Dots: Conroy & Associates

Men’s Basketball Assistant Will Conroy picks up a promotion while the B1G announces their new media rights deal

Wednesday Dots: Financial Planning

Huskies take the NIL road less traveled

Monday Dots: Husky Royalty

The Huskies unveiled new road uniforms and Sav’ell Smalls has been making plays during camp

Thursday Dots: Back

And a Seattle landmark returns.

Wednesday Dots: The Medium is the Message

Pac-12 and ESPN might need each other more than they want each other

Monday Dots: Giles Jackson Shines This Weekend

Giles Jackson created a lot of buzz this weekend + other camp breakouts

Thursday Dots: So Camp

Gone campin’.

Wednesday Dots: Pac Previews

Can Penix Power Propel the Passing Game?

Thursday Dots: Big Ol’ Commitment

And some media day beginnings.

Wednesday Dots: Leaders of the Pac

Huskies featured on preseason All-Conference teams

Monday Dots: When the Fence Was Taller

Recounting the recruitment of one of the greatest receivers in program’s history

Thursday Dots: Derby Dawgs

As they say: Women want me, fish fear me.

Wednesday Dots: Meet and Confer

Realignment furor isn’t going away any time soon