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Data geek and Husky sports nut working to provide the best environment on the web for fellow UW fans to connect and learn more about their favorite players and teams.

MBB Season Preview Part II- Wings

An in-depth look at the wings on the Husky roster

MBB Season Preview Part I- Guards

With the football team on a bye it’s time to start previewing the very new look basketball squad

Mailbag: “Eternally Dammed” Edition

Not one question asking me how I’m going to spend my bye week Saturday. And I thought we were friends.

Three Things We Learned: Oregon State

We haven’t found the floor but we may have found the ceiling

Tuesday Dots: The Road Back

The coaching staff will deep dive the film in the bye week while the roster gets closer to full strength

Week of 10/4 Open Thread

For those in need of an extra outlet

Call For Questions: “Eternally Dammed” Edition

You have questions. We have...maybe not answers. But at least thoughts.

Oregon State Game Thread

Follow along as UW seeks a 2-0 start to conference play

College Football Saturday Week 5 Open Thread

Join your fellow Dawg fans watching the action throughout week 5

The Prediction: Oregon State Beavers

Can the Dawgs pull out a road win for the first time since...beating Oregon State in 2019?