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Data geek and Husky sports nut working to provide the best environment on the web for fellow UW fans to connect and learn more about their favorite players and teams.

Three Things We Learned: Arkansas State

You mean besides that the Huskies are capable of scoring multiple touchdowns in the same game?

Tuesday Dots: Back to Work

Washington tries to channel the successes from the Arkansas State game as they head into conference play

Week of 9/20 Open Thread

For those in need of an extra outlet

Call For Questions: “52 Point Pick-Me-Up” Edition

Unsportsmanlike conduct, on the offensive coordinator. Mild deception. 15 yard penalty. Still 1st down.

Arkansas State Game Thread

Follow along as Washington attempts to bounce back at home

College Football Saturday Week 3 Open Thread

Join your fellow Dawg fans watching the action throughout week 3

The Prediction: Arkansas State

Do the UWDP staff think the Huskies will finally win a game this season?

Washington vs. Arkansas State How to Watch

Time, TV, Streaming, and More

Mailbag: “Lost in the Maize” Edition

Do you think anyone asked me about firing John Donovan?

Three Things We Learned: Michigan

We found 1 piece of good news and it was wearing #1 on 2 less good things