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#10 Washington Makes Short Work of #17 Nebraska 8-0

After five innings the Nebraska Cornhuskers were mercy ruled in an 8-0 shut down

Offense. Defense. Pitching. All of it came alive in the Washington Huskies’ first game of the season.

The First Two: The first two innings are always crucial for establishing the game’s patterns and mentality and in the first two for the Huskies, their offense made short work of a pitcher who came in on a .99 career ERA and leaves with a 9 ERA thus far in 2024. Actually, it wasn’t two innings but 2.1 that Jordy Bahl exited with a possible injury but by then, purple and gold notched three wild pitches, three earned runs and a few hits to join. The Huskies did a wonderful job extending innings with just as many walks as well allowing the prolonged game to get to Bahl.

The Middle Three: After 2.1 innings, the Huskies controlled a lead of 3-0 and didn’t look back. The next pitcher came up for the Cornhuskers, Freshman Caitlin Olensky playing in her first ever collegiate game. Unfortunately, the Huskies did her no favors hitting a three run home run and giving her an inflated 42 ERA to start the season.

Olensky promptly left with a mark of 2 ERs on her sheet, the third run coming off an error her defense gave up. A wild pitch certainly didn’t help, but with the score out of hand it took a third pitcher in the third inning alone to close things out. Nebraska turned to Sarah Harness, a Senior pitcher from Missouri, to rely on and with two runs given up later, the deficit was just too overwhelming.

The offense didn’t produce as Washington pitcher Ruby Meylan took to retiring batters left and right, surrendering only two hits the whole game. Ultimately the last two innings didn’t come as Nebraska lost to the mercy rule.

Offensively, the Huskies hit a total of 6-18 and claimed an extra seven walks for 1.4 walks/inning. With that, they start the season with an OBP of .538. The offensive explosion started with none other than Alana Johnson, the utility Sophomore from Mississippi. The right fielder reached base three times while batting 2-2 and walked away with 3 RBIs and a double.

For player-of-the game, the Dawg Pound will award two players today, the first of which is Jadyn Glab, Freshman catcher from Iowa. In three plate appearances she grabbed a walk and hit 2-2, one of which was a mastery of a home run that virtually put the game away at that point.

The second is none other than Ruby Meylan who not only starts the season with a zero ERA against the #17 team in the country but pitched another complete game, retiring sixteen hitters in the process.

The Huskies next game is tomorrow in Mexico against Utah Valley at 4PM before a Saturday meetup of Titans when they play the number one team in the country, Oklahoma.