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Saturday Dots: Extras, Extras

Softball and Women’s Basketball going to extras against top-ten teams? Grubb to the Hawks? What a Friday night.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Utah at Washington Photo by Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We basically never do weekend dots. But that was one of the most action-packed Friday nights for Husky sports I’ve seen in a long time. The 8:30p-9:30p PT window had 3 major stories going simultaneously. So here’s a recap with some thoughts and a place to comment on it all.

Softball Dots

  • Washington fell 4-3 to #1 Oklahoma in extra innings last night to drop to 2-1 on the season. Ruby Meylan picked up the loss giving up an unearned run to tie it in the 7th and the winning run in the 8th to the runner that starts the inning on second base. It was a brutal loss for the Huskies and a missed opportunity but it’s encouraging for UW’s long-term outlook that they have already blasted Nebraska and played three-time defending champ Oklahoma to essentially a draw.
  • The Huskies beat Utah Valley by that same 4-3 score earlier in the day to pick up their 2nd win.
  • They close out their opening week tournament with a game against Iowa State at 2p PT.
  • UW also picked up a commitment from a 2025 recruit from Mill Creek, WA.

Basketball Dots

  • Washington hosted #6 Stanford and pulled off a 7-0 run in the final minute to force OT. Unfortunately, they couldn’t quite get it done in the extra period and lost 63-59. The Huskies were behind by 15 in the first half but stormed back to keep it close and used a pair of 3’s at the end of regulation to tie the game.
  • This was the 5th straight game that Washington has played against a top-20 team and they end up going 1-4 with this OT loss during that brutal stretch. They return to action on Sunday against Cal.

Football Dots

  • Technically this doesn’t directly affect the Huskies’s kind of a big deal for the feelings of any Seattle sports fan.
  • It seems to an outside observer like this has been a done deal for a little while but that they might have delayed a few days to have Alabama’s 30-day portal period end and to get through National Signing Day so that the Tide’s players are further stuck until at least April despite losing at least their OC/QB coach. Parker Brailsford, come on back buddy.