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Tuesday Dots: Something in the Way

Huskies stymied by Wolverine wall

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NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Washington at Michigan Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Underneath the bridge, tarp has sprung a leak

And the animals I’ve trapped have all become my pets

And I’m living off of grass, and the drippings from my ceiling

It’s OK to eat Dots ‘cause they don’t have any feelings

  • Washington’s dream season came to a painful conclusion on Monday night at the hands of a nearly impenetrable Michigan Wolverine defense. Christian Caple wrote that it felt like an unsatisfying conclusion to a season where the Dawgs spent so much time walking on a tightrope. Instead of fourth-quarter heroics, the Huskies had missed opportunities, from injured players, to Michael Penix not connecting with open receivers, to calls that didn’t go UW’s way. Caple added that the team and the players remained confident in spite of the result of the game going against them.

  • Mike Vorel had similar thoughts about the stagnation of the UW offense. A unit that found so many ways to succeed through the year simply couldn’t get through the brick wall of Michigan’s defense.

  • Michael Penix confirmed what many of us already suspected, that he has been playing with some minor injuries. The injuries were not so bad that they prevented Penix from carving up outstanding Oregon and Texas defenses in recent weeks. Of course, it probably didn’t help his overall health to be knocked to the ground over and over by giant Wolverine defenders.

  • For The Athletic, NIcole Auerbach recapped the game from a Michigan point of view. She noted that there wasn’t a single star for the Wolverines, but many of the top players on the roster all had a big impact on the final result. Donovan Edwards stood out early. Mike Sainristril, Will Johnson, and the rest of the secondary covered well enough to give the d-line time to disrupt Penix. Mason Graham was a menace against both the pass and run. JJ McCarthy made enough plays at the right times to extend the lead late.

  • Penix lamented the final outcome, saying that he felt UW beat itself. While there were certainly opportunities left on the table, Michigan had a lot to do with those misses. No team on UW’s schedule got as much consistent pressure on the QB with a four-man rush. There’s no better formula against a great passing offense than covering with seven and still getting pressure.

  • In one bit of happier news, UW got the commitment of 2025 LB Zaydrius Rainey-Sale out of Spanaway. ZRS is the top-rated recruit in Washington for next year’s recruiting class. After a couple years of sub-par in-state recruiting, it would be great if the commitment was a turning of the tide as DeBoer and his staff deepen their ties with local high school coaches and trainers.