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Monday Dots: It All Comes Down to This

A 1-in-10,000 sort of day

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Head Coaches News Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve seen your picture

Your name in lights above it

This is your big debut

It’s like a dream come true

So won’t you smile for the Dots?

I know they’re gonna love it

  • When you get an opportunity that comes only once every 30-odd years, it makes you reflect. Christian Caple did some reflection in his final pre-game piece for On Mountlake. He looked back on UW’s game at The Big House in 2021 and how much has changed in the two-plus years since. He also offers a prediction that is favorable to Husky fans.

  • At this point in the season, it’s harder and harder to play the “nobody believes in us card.” Even the Huskies, who continue to be betting underdogs week after week, have plenty of support from the media and the betting public. To that end, Mike Vorel asks who is the hunter and who is the hunted. Will UW’s aggressive style make the Dawgs the ones dictating the game, or will Michigan’s finely-tuned defensive prowess and status as the favorite put them in the driver’s seat?

  • The Times also had everyone with any ties to UW coverage offer picks for the game. While the majority side with the Dawgs, it’s not unanimous.

  • Kalen DeBoer spoke to the media shortly after arriving in Houston. He talks about the team’s focus on the game and sounds remarkably grounded for someone who is not only ascending to the peak of his profession, but doing it at an incomprehensible pace.

  • One of the most narrative-rich subplots of the game is the overlap between Mark Bruener and his son, Carson. The father caught a touchdown against Michigan 32 years ago in the Rose Bowl en route to UW’s last national championship. The symmetry is not lost on the younger Bruener, who spoke to Scott Eklund about the meaning of the family’s joint success.

  • SB Nation took a look at the paths the UW receivers took on their way to becoming the most dominant pass-catching unit in the country. While his name hasn’t come up much in the last few months, Junior Adams gets a deserved tip of the cap. While Adams won’t get much love as the Oregon receivers coach, he also recruited the position for the Dawgs when Odunze, Polk, and McMillan all came to Montlake, so at least he’s got that going for him.

I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m confused, and I’m pumped up. Enjoy today, Husky Fans. We don’t know when we’ll get another day like today.