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Washington Huskies Suffer Third Straight Loss; Drop to Stanford 71-59

Washington appears to be spiraling out of control in a conference that is poised to eat them

Washington fell for the third consecutive game as the once ranked 11-0 Huskies are now 11-3 and struggling to find footing in the nation’s best conference.

It wasn’t close after the first quarter, the Huskies managing to keep the score at 13-15 Stanford. For a moment, it appeared as though the game could be won, this 11-2 team ready to complete a serious upset that ESPN metrics favored the Cardinal with over 91% in. Were the Huskies back?

By the second half things were beginning to be lost, Stanford pulling away slightly with a 35-30 edge. This was an all too familiar sign, Louisville and California doing the same by their halftimes. The Huskies were losing steam, but remarkably keeping their shot percentage up.

In fact, the Huskies barely lost the FG percentage battle 40.4 - 41 and won the turnover side of things pretty handedly while also convincingly putting on a better show from behind the arc. So if the Huskies were to win from two of those points and virtually tie at another, what caused the twelve point loss?

Washington only offered 24 rebounds total to Stanford’s 47 a basic doubling of the Huskies. This one metric decided the game and the second chance points that Stanford was able to generate were more than enough to put the game away.

Offensively, things were bad and Dalayah Daniels finally found herself a shot at the top of the point getters for Washington going 7-13 for 15 points. Hanna Stines was the team leading rebounder with six, losing to Stanford’s Cameron Brink who had 16 total.

Washington will get a short break this week before hosting Washington State for possibly the last of the Apple Cup series at noon on January 14.