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Stuff and Shenanigans: One More Time

Sing Michael sing.

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NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Texas at Washington Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well would ya look at us? What a nice time.

I kind of want to just leave it at that. Where in the rules does it say I’ve got to write X amount of words? Can’t we just leave it at “How lucky are we?” and move on?

I don’t want to talk about schemes, I don’t want to talk about a play-by-play sequence, I don’t want to analyze anything, I don’t want to give an any-percent sober and any-percent accurate rundown of absolutely anything. I don’t want to pollute the point by talking. Especially about points, eurgh.

I’m just happy we get to watch Mike and Co one more time.

Frankly, I think it’s insulting to what we just watched and what we’ve experienced together the last four months to think it could be improved by any words I could say here.

I guess — because just writing 150 words and peacing out feels vaguely like a breach of our social contract — if I have to say something, it’s just about the very super mega extremely hyper-near future. Because yes, I want us to win it all but... whatever happens, it’s still the last time we’re seeing Mike and Co.

So more than I want us to win it all, I just want to enjoy them one last time. Er — one more time, maybe, is the better way of thinking about it. (Coincidentally, the most enjoyable performances tend to lead to victories, but I’m comfortable predicting this’ll be enjoyable and vomit-inducing all at once.)

A national championship is an abstract concept achieved by concrete actions. And because one of these is guaranteed and one of them is not, one of them is inherent and the other isn’t, I’m choosing Monday to focus on the latter. How Buddhist is that, hey?

Whether Washington wins or loses, we still get to enjoy 60 more minutes of genius. That’s what I’m grateful for.

Lines of the Week

Oh, you thought we weren’t doing this? Fool!

So, it turns out that this team will never give me a shortage of uses for this gif. You know exactly the part of the game I’m using it for. We don’t even need a caption, because you — yes you, the girl reading this — know exactly when you thought and likely even said this:

And, reflecting on that same sequence, a live look at me and I’m assuming you too:

When someone asks you what makes Michael Penix and Rome Odunze so special:

Speaking of, I imagine this is what went through Michael Penix’s brain every time he escaped a sack:

Live look at Matthew McConaughey when the clock struck zero — which, by the way, I highly recommend you find footage of that moment on the internet because it is out there and it is the best:

Ope wait, one more of Matthew McConaughey:

So that’s all. Words are stupid, and there’s no need for me to say more.

See you all next week one more time.

Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington.