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A Look at UW’s Offers (and Re-Offers)

Since Coach Fisch has arrived, he and his staff have re-offered many recruits that the previous staff had offered, and has offered some new recruits as well.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 08 CFP National Championship - Michigan vs Washington Photo by David Buono/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Coach Fisch and his staff have been busy with trying to keep the players on the roster, plus get some transfers. But they have also been working on future recruiting classes. Dozens of recruits from the 2025, 2026, and 2027 recruiting classes have indicated that they have been offered, or in some cases re-offered, by UW since Coach Fisch has taken over.

To start to get a picture of how Fisch and his staff will be recruiting, I’ve looked at the recruits that have indicated that they have been offered (or re-offered) by UW. Specifically, I looked at the tweets by recruits that Chris Fetters has posted ( in about the last week.

I’m sure that there are many other recruits that have been offered (or re-offered) by UW that are not included because they are more private with their tweets. Still, this should give us a starting point for Fisch’s recruiting-especially it is hard to know on places like 247Sports which offers they show are current and which are just holdovers from the old staff.

Here’s a list of the recruits that I found. Note that 247Sports doesn’t have a rating on all of them-and very few of the ones in the 2026 and 2027 classes have ratings.

Recent UW Offers/Re-Offers

First Last State Class Position 247Sports Rating
First Last State Class Position 247Sports Rating
Jamar Beal-Goines AZ 2025 CB 85
Dash Beierly CA 2025 QB 89
Phillip Bell CA 2025 WR 90
Trestin Castro CA 2025 CB 89
Gus Cordova TX 2025 Edge
Karson Cox CA 2025 RB 88
Adonyss Currie CA 2025 CB 90
Jordan Davison CA 2025 RB 90
Rylon Dillard-Allen AZ 2025 S 89
Aaron Dunn UT 2025 OT 92
Jake Flores CA 2025 IOL 87
Kellan Ford CA 2025 TE 87
Marcus Harris CA 2025 WR 90
Dajon Hinton AZ 2025 CB 87
Jadyn Hudson CA 2025 S 90
Aaron Ia CA 2025 TE 89
Mark Iheanachor CA 2025 LB 90
Matt Johnson CA 2025 Edge 88
Dijon Lee CA 2025 CB 92
Garrett Martin AZ 2025 Edge 87
Chuck McDonald CA 2025 CB 90
Noah Mikhail CA 2025 Ath 92
Donovan Olugbode FL 2025 WR 87
Chinedu Onyeagoro CA 2025 Edge 90
Cooper Perry AZ 2025 WR 90
Etene Pritchard CA 2025 S 86
Zaydrius Rainey-Sale WA 2025 LB 92
Deondrae Riden TX 2025 RB 90
Dylan Robinson CA 2025 Ath
Robert Santiago CA 2025 CB 88
James Simon LA 2025 RB 90
Nusi Taumoepeau UT 2025 Edge 86
Jordin Thomas CA 2025 RB 87
Raiden Vines-Bright FL 2025 WR 88
Juju Walls CA 2025 Edge 88
Jonah Williams TX 2025 LB 94
Nasir Wyatt CA 2025 Edge 92
Jae'on Young CA 2025 Ath 90
LaRue Zamoranolll CA 2025 CB 88
Safanaia Alatini CA 2026 Ath
Brandon Arrington CA 2026 Ath
Dia Bell FL 2026 QB
Kenneth Goodwin NV 2026 LB
Treyshaun Jackson NV 2026 WR
Simote Katoanga CA 2026 Edge
Amari Latimer GA 2026 Ath
Bronx Letuligasenoa CA 2026 Edge
AJ Logan CA 2026 Ath
Kenneth Moore CA 2026 WR
Jaden O'Neal CA 2026 QB
Cammeron Purnell CA 2026 DB
Deshonne Redeaux CA 2026 RB 90
Shaun Scott CA 2026 Edge
Rodney Sermons CA 2026 CB
Brady Smigiel CA 2026 Ath
Jonah Smith CA 2026 WR
Kayden Steptoe AZ 2026 WR
Cynai Thomas CA 2026 WR
Ezaya Tokio CA 2026 OLB
Parris Vernon CA 2026 DB
CJ Wallace CA 2026 K
Madden Williams CA 2026 Ath
Mark Bowman CA 2027 TE
Taven Epps CA 2027 Ath
Honor Johnson CA 2027 Ath
Calvin Moala CA 2027 OL
Lucas Rhoa CA 2027 LB
Khalil Terry CA 2027 S
Montana Toilolo CA 2027 DL
Matamatagi Uiagalelei CA 2027 OLB/DE
Delontay Williams CA 2027 WR

Offers vs Re-Offers

From the tweets that I saw, I counted a total of 71 recruits that have mentioned being offered or re-offered by UW since January 19. Of those, 43 are re-offers, as in they had already been offered by the old UW staff and Fisch’s staff has told them that they still have a UW offer. And, as mentioned above, it is possible that many, if not most, of the other offers by the old staff would still be honored by Fisch’s staff.

The other 28 appear to be new offers; that is, they are new offers by UW. From what I can tell, in 16 of those 28 cases, the recruit had an offer by Arizona-so this would appear to be Fisch and his staff already knowing that they wanted the recruit, and letting them know that they could commit to UW.

There are 12 recruits that appear to be new offers-new to both UW and Arizona. Given how little time there has been since Fisch took over, I would expect that Fisch’s staff already knew about all of them and would have likely made an offer if he was still at Arizona. It is possible that information about some of them was available at UW from before when Fisch took over (and that Fisch’s staff didn’t know enough about them to have considered offering).

And along that line, as far as I can tell there are 8 re-offers to recruits that did not have an offer from Arizona. That would indicate that Fisch’s staff has looked over the list of recruits that the old staff had offered, and found some that the old staff had found that they hadn’t.

Geographical Mix

By my count, there were 51 of the 71 offers or re-offers that already had an offer from Arizona. That should not be much of a surprise since there appears to be a large overlap in where the old staff and Fisch’s staff have been recruiting-and that is largely in the West.

The vast majority of offers and re-offers have been to recruits in California: 52 of the 71. Again, not surprising given the number of recruits in California and the proximity of both UW and Arizona to California. And to reinforce that, 15 of the 28 new offers were to recruits from California.

The state with the next-most offers/re-offers is again not surprising: Arizona. 4 of the re-offers and 2 new offers have gone to recruits from Arizona.

Only one offer/re-offer has been to a recruit from Washington; and that was Zaydrius Rainey-Sale, who had committed to UW under the previous staff but then decommitted after they left.

Of the remaining offers, there are 3 to recruits from Texas (all new offers), 3 to recruits from Florida (2 new and 1 re-offer), 2 to recruits from Nevada (both new), 2 to recruits from Utah (both new), one from Georgia (new), and one from Louisiana (also new).

Position Distribution

At the high school level, many of the recruits that UW would be after are so good that they often play multiple positions. And some are even good enough at multiple positions that they could be recruited by different schools at different positions. So it can be hard to determine which position Fisch’s staff is looking at for any of these recruits. But for this exercise, I’m looking at the positions as I can find them on 247Sports, and in some cases that will be “Athlete”-meaning that they’re not sure.

Here’s a look at the distribution of positions (this is across 3 different recruiting classes):

  • QB: 3
  • RB: 6
  • WR: 11
  • TE: 3
  • OL: 3
  • DL: 1
  • DE/Edge: 11
  • OLB/LB: 6
  • DB: 15
  • Athlete: 11
  • Kicker: 1

Right away there will likely be a concern from many Husky fans about the lack of offers to recruits in the trenches: OL and DL. There are many offers to DE/Edge recruits, and some of them could grow into interior DL players. The other point on the trench players is that many of these are late-bloomers. There aren’t a lot of freshmen and sophomores in high school that are 6’4” and 250+ lbs, and are athletic enough. There are many that are likely smaller that will grow into the size needed to play in the trenches at the FBS level by their junior years. And because of that needed growth, it often takes longer to identify (and then offer) recruits in those positions. Still, that is something that many Husky fans are likely to pay attention to over the next year or so-how much emphasis does Fisch put on recruiting the top OL and DL recruits.

Final Thoughts

Fisch’s staff seems to have started their recruiting push at UW by concentrating in two areas.

First, they are concentrating on recruiting on the West Coast-especially California. While they may expand and offer more recruits from Texas and the East later, the majority of their effort is currently in the West-where they already have relationships that they built up with recruits that they knew while at Arizona.

The second area of concentration is with skill players: QB, WR, DB, etc. This makes some sense since many of these types of recruits are often identified early in their high school careers.

Obviously Fisch also needs players at other positions, like the O-line and D-line. How he does with those over the next year or so could likely define how successful UW can be in the BigTen.