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Washington Women Lose to ASU 73-65

UW couldn’t stop ASU on offense or defense

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 14 Women’s - Washington State at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

UW lost to Arizona Sunday afternoon at home, 73-65. Hannah Stines had 20 points, making 4 three pointers and keeping the Huskies in the game.

The Huskies and the Sun Devils met just two days after UW won at the last second against Arizona. The Huskies came out slow, with Arizona looking like they were on their home court and the Huskies looking like they weren’t quite ready to play. The first quarter went slowly as both teams tried to figure each other out. ASU switched it up and played full court defense and also used UW’s methodical approach of using all the time on the shot clock against them as ASU forced turnover after turnover. By the time the 1st quarter ended, UW had gathered 7 turnovers to ASU’s 1 turnover. On top of that, Jayln Brown, ASU’s best player (and transfer from Louisville) held 12 of ASU’s 16 points at the end of the first quarter.

Hanna Stines kept the Huskies in the game as she drained 3/4 three point shots in the first half. Dalayah Daniels wasn’t able to make a layin, but she got to the basket and got fouled, going 7-8 from the free throw line in the first half. In the second quarter, UW tried to slow ASU down by playing a rare zone defense, but ASU got a skip pass to the corner and drained a 3 in UW’s faces on the first possession, so UW dropped back into a man defense. Also keeping UW in the game was their rebounding - ASU closed the gap by the end of the first half, but UW was still leading rebounding 17-10. UW ended the first half with 10 turnovers, many of them forced by ASU’s pesky and tenacious defense.

With 6 seconds on the shot clock and 11.5 seconds on the game clock in the 2nd quarter, UW had the ball and called a play to run to Ella Ladine. Ladine missed the layin and ASU got the ball back with 4.4 seconds. ASU ran it up the court, didn’t get what they were looking for, and passed it to Sousa, who at the last second drained an NBA range 3 to put ASU up by 4 going into the half. Sousa plays forward and the three she made was only the 9th of the grad transfer’s career.

The second half was more of the same - ASU built on their lead and never looked back. They played confident, locked down defense, with UW not finding any sort of stride. Jalyn Brown ended the game with 34 points and UW could not find any way to stop her as she sliced through the key and made layin after layin; she played every single minute of the game. In fact, it seemed like any ASU player who wanted to make a layin was allowed to do that by the Husky defense. To add insult to injury, ASU made 17 points off of UW turnovers and UW scored zero points off ASU turnovers. In the 4th quarter, UW was held scoreless for 3:30 minutes, with a 10-0 run going to ASU.

Key Takeaways:

  • I thought the Huskies were young but confident early on in the season, but in these high pressure games, I remember that they are mostly freshmen and sophomores. They haven’t sorted some things out like who is going to make the play if they need one, or who is going to push the tempo or who is going to call a defensive set to disrupt the other team.
  • I do not understand for the life of me why UW doesn’t pick up the tempo on defense until about 3 minutes left in the game. Why don’t they pick up full right out of the half? Or for a minute randomly in the third? It doesn’t make sense to work really hard at the end of the game when you are already losing by 9 points. Stay closer earlier. You could even get ahead.
  • The PAC-12 is such a strong conference for women’s basketball, it’s really too bad that the football teams destroyed it. All the teams are so good and you just don’t know who is going to win when they play each other.
  • To that point, besides this game, the UW has lost every PAC-12 match up when they haven’t scored more than 60 points. If you can hold them under 60, you win. UW has to figure out how to get some early offense going as well as how to get something to happen to break the spell when they go several minutes in a row without scoring.

UW lost the game 73-65. UW hits the road to play the LA schools this week, with UCLA up next on Friday at 7pm.