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Washington Huskies Get Back on Track With Win Against Arizona

Go ahead, Dawgs. That’s the first one in a month.

On Friday, January 19, the Washington Huskies Women’s basketball team found themselves getting back on track with a nice two point victory against the now 10-8 Arizona Wildcats.

The first quarter was all Huskies with the Dawgs climbing to a 21-12 edge in that ten minutes. Both teams started with three turnovers, but it was Washington shooting at 8-14 from the field that made the difference. In a quarter where Elle Ladine started with the initial assist to Dalayah Daniels and the final jumper at the end, the Huskies were able to set the tone.

The second quarter saw Arizona try to come back a bit, outscoring the Huskies 14-11 for a halftime score of 32-26.

The seventh ranked team in the Pac-12 stumbled into the second half teetering on a 6 point lead, something they’d have to fight to keep in order to prevent a five game losing streak. They did just that barely edging the Wildcats 17-15 in the third quarter. With turnovers starting to pile on it was Elle Ladine who put the game on her shoulders and for the team’s highest scorer at about 13 points per game at tip-off, she finished with 22 on 9-17 shooting.

Arizona managed to take the lead late in the fourth quarter going up 58-57 in Seattle. On their home court, the Huskies put together an 5-2 run in the last minute and a half. The go ahead bucket went Lauren Schwartz, assisted by Hannah Stines to put the Huskies back on track.

The last time the Huskies grabbed a win was December 16, 2023 against St Mary’s Gaels.

The team’s leading rebounder last night was Jayda Noble at 9 and the leading player with assists on either side of the ball was Dalayah Daniels at 5.

The next game is against Arizona State this Sunday at 12PM.