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Comparing UW and UA 2025 Recruiting Offers

If Coach Fisch is “maniacal” about recruiting, let’s see what he can do with the 2025 class.

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While recruits are supposed to be committing to a school, we all know that their relationship with the coaches is a big reason that recruits commit to a particular school. With that and the fact that Coach Fisch said that he will soon get moving on a 2025 recruiting class (in addition to filling out the roster for 2024), here’s a look at the recruits at each position that have both a UW and UA offer according to 247Sports. Having offers from both would be the sweet spot between knowing about UW and knowing about UW’s new coaches. I could have missed a few, and things could start changing quickly, but this is what I found at first glance.


  • Husan Longstreet
  • Akili Smith Jr. (committed to Oregon)
  • Dash Beierly (committed to Arizona)
  • Michael Tollefson (committed to Arizona State)

Jackson Kollock was committed to UW, but since he was not offered by Fisch, it is possible that Fisch may see if Beierly will want to flip his commitment to UW; or will he go for an even better QB like Longstreet or one of the ones that had an Arizona offer like TJ Lateef, Leo Hannan, or Jamar Malone.


  • Jordan Davison
  • Karson Cox
  • Jordin Thomas
  • Julian McMahan

Arizona has 14 offers to RB’s in the ’25 class compared to just 7 for UW. All 4 of the recruits above are from California which will help. Davison has a Crystal Ball to Texas, so he may not be an option. Of the other 7 offers that Arizona has, 3 are from the state of Washington (Antoine Lee, Akeem Murph, and Jayshon Limar), so it’s very possible that one or more of them get extended an offer from UW now.


  • Chris Lawson
  • Jerome Myles
  • Marcus Harris
  • Cooper Perry
  • Phillip Bell
  • Caden Butler
  • Raiden Vines-Bright
  • Tana Togafau-Tavui

There are quite a few WR recruits that had offers from both UW and UA. Arizona has a lot more offers out to WR recruits in the 2025 class than UW, so I’d expect Coach Fisch to extend more at UW, especially since Cummings will now be the WR coach at UW.


  • Kaleb Edwards
  • Baron Naone
  • T’Andre Waverly
  • AJ Ia
  • Noah Flores
  • Bear Tenney

247Sports shows Noah Flores (who is from Graham-Kapowsin) as warm to both UW and UA. It would seem like a good bet that he ends up at UW. We’ll see if Fisch wants to take 2 TE’s in the class; Waverly would be a great second (or only) TE since he’s from Washington as well.


  • Douglas Utu
  • Alai Kalaniuvalu
  • John Mills
  • Jett Thomas

A lot could depend on how many of the current OT’s on UW’s roster stay. I’d expect that Fisch will take at least one in the 2025 class-possibly two. Demetri Manning from Bellevue has a UW offer but not one from Arizona, so we’ll see if Fisch reaffirms that offer.


  • Seuseu Alofaituli
  • Champ Taulealea
  • Jake Flores
  • Peter Langi

Again, a lot could depend on how many of the current IOL’s on UW’s roster stay or possible even return from the Transfer Portal. I’d expect that Fisch will take at least one in the 2025 class-possibly two.


  • Chinedu Onyeagoro
  • Jared Martin
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Jewelous Walls
  • Epi Sitanilei

All five of the Edge recruits that UW and UA have in common are from California. I’d expect that UW could get a commitment from one of them.


  • Josiah Sharma
  • Manamoâ€ui Muti

Josiah Sharma is listed as a IOL on 247Sports for UW although he committed to UW as a DL. We’ll have to see if he sticks with his commitment-and if he does, which side of the line of scrimmage they see him playing. Given that DeBoer is hiring a new DC who is from the SouthEast, chances are that he won’t try to flip Sharma.


  • Zaydrius Rainey-Sale
  • Marco Jones
  • Dawson Merritt
  • Hayden Lowe
  • Mark Iheanachor
  • Abduall Sanders Jr.
  • Ko’o Kia

Arizona has 24 offers for LB while UW had just 10. So you can see that Arizona had offered most of the ones that UW had offered.

Zaydrius Rainey-Sale committed and then decommitted to UW. Since he also had an offer from Arizona, maybe he’ll recommit-especially if Fisch keeps Inge as LB coach. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisch doesn’t add at least one more even if they get ZRS back.

Christian Thatcher has an offer from Arizona, but not UW. 247Sports shows him as ‘warm’ to Arizona, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisch offers him at UW.


  • Dijon Lee
  • Daryus Dixson
  • LaRue Zamorano
  • Dajon Hinton

This is one position where Arizona has fewer offers than UW. That could have a lot to do with the current rosters at each school, or the emphasis on the position under DeBoer and Fisch. We’ll have to see what happens with this position group.


  • Matai Tagoa’i
  • Madden Faraimo
  • Jaydn Hudson
  • Rylon Dillard-Allen
  • Isaiah Iosefa

247Sports shows Jaydn Hudson as ‘warm’ to UW, although they also show him ‘warm’ to Georgia, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, and USC. In other words, I wouldn’t expect that having offers from both UW and UA will make much of a difference for him.


  • Noah Mikhail
  • Jonathan Epperson
  • Jae’on Young
  • Lamason Waller
  • Jett White (committed to Maryland)
  • Deuce Weston
  • Hayden Anderson
  • Drew Cofield
  • LaVar Arrington Jr.
  • Kobe McGill

Jonathan Epperson is listed as ‘warm’ for both UW and UA on 247Sports. Since he’s from Auburn, WA, it would seem very possible that he would commit to UW.

Arizona has a commitment from Bryce Lewis from Roswell, GA. We’ll see if Fisch extends an offer from UW and whether he then flips his commitment.

Final Thoughts

Arizona has significantly more offers out to 2025 recruits than UW does. I think that we can expect, especially for 2025, that UW will have a lot of offers out-probably much more that Husky fans have been used to recently.

Arizona also has offers out to more than half of the recruits in the 2025 class that UW has offered, so those recruits should be familiar with Fisch. Obviously, just because a recruit has an offer from both UW and UA doesn’t mean that he’ll commit to UW- but it does help a little. How much help will often depend on which position and position coach is involved.

One of the reasons that there is so much overlap in offers is that both UW and Arizona have most of their offers to recruits from the West. An interesting note on this is that Arizona has offers out to more recruits from Hawaii and Utah which historically have large Polynesian presence. And the other part of that is that Arizona had Johnny Nansen on the staff who has, in the past, done well recruiting Polynesian recruits. Since he’s not only no longer on Arizona’s staff, nor will be on UW’s, it is hard to say if UW will offer any of them that do not already have a UW offer. Further, it is hard to say if UW will be able to recruit players from those states any better than the last few years.

UW AD Troy Dannen described Jedd Fisch as ‘maniacal’ about recruiting. And he did have a lot of success recruiting to Arizona despite the state of that program when he took over. The hope is that at UW he can have even better success than he did at Arizona-and hopefully even better than UW has had with recruiting the past few years.


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