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Monday Dots: Catching Fisch

Reactions to new head coach from across the media

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I don’t know why you treat me so bad

Think of all the things that we could have had

Love is a notion that I can’t forget

My sweet Dots I would never regret

  • The Seattle Times has its summary of the process that brought Fisch to Seattle, including some details about Fisch’s career up to this point. Fisch’s Alamo Bowl win over Oklahoma is the high point of his career so far. If he never does better than that in Seattle, fans will be disappointed. Then again, an Alamo Bowl win over a Big 12 Blue Blood was the high water mark of Kalen DeBoer’s career just a year ago.

  • Jon Wilner has his own analysis of the Huskies hiring Fisch to take over the team. Wilner has positive things to say about Fisch’s experience and notes that he even has experience in the Big 10. He also echoes some of the common concerns about whether Fisch will remain with UW long enough to truly build a program and realize his own potential with the school.

  • At On Montlake, Christian Caple has his own instant reactions to Fisch. Caple’s piece includes some very useful quotes from Fisch himself about his offensive scheme and where he has drawn influences. He also has positive things to say about Fisch’s recruiting results in a difficult environment in Tucson.

  • AZ Central provides the opposite perspective. They give the feelings in Tucson about Fisch leaving for Washington, including some very disappointed feelings from players. Interestingly, Fisch is the first coach to leave Arizona without being fired since 1986.

  • Fisch has previously had to rebuild Arizona. The job at Washington will be a different sort of rebuild, but a rebuild nonetheless according to The Athletic. In this case, Fisch will have to rebuild on the fly, because there’s no patience for a losing season coming off of 14-wins, even though he takes over without a scholarship QB on the roster.

  • One reason Fisch will have so much rebuilding to do is that the Dawgs have seen a steady stream of players exiting over the last few days. Through NFL draft declarations, retirement, transfers, or decommitments, the number of exits has been head-spinning. Dawgman ($) has a list of the player movement to try to make sense of the numbers.

  • While Husky fans focused on Fisch, Men’s Basketball had one of their most disheartening games of the year. Despite UCLA’s recent freefall, the Dawgs lost to the Bruins 71-63. Turnovers by the offense were the biggest culprit in the defeat.