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Ryan Grubb Officially Out of UW Head Coach Search

The former Husky Offensive Coordinator announced he will not be replacing his mentor

Washington State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Ryan Grubb announced last night that he pursued the vacant head coaching position at Washington but did not get the job and will be moving on from the school.

Grubb joined Washington after having served as the frequent offensive coordinator for Kalen DeBoer and joined him from Fresno State on the trip to Seattle. He made instant waves as the play caller to help revitalize what had become a moribund Husky offense under the previous regime. Grubb was heavily pursued last offseason by first Texas A&M and then, fatefully, Alabama but turned both jobs down and received two raises to become one of the highest paid OCs in the country.

Washington of course hit new heights this year on their run to the national title game. Grubb’s name was thrown out as a potential candidate for openings this cycle such as Boise State, San Diego State, and Indiana but there’s no evidence he interviewed for any of them as the Huskies’ season continued on through the beginning of January.

It certainly didn’t help Grubb’s potential candidacy at Washington that the Huskies replaced their last successful head coach with an internal promotion for a coordinator who had no head coaching experience and things ended in disaster. It also didn’t help that the fanbase has completely turned against Kalen DeBoer and building back trust as his longtime lieutenant may have been difficult.

Grubb deserves credit for issuing a public statement to the fans and seems genuine that he wanted to continue on as the head coach. He has always been extremely forthright in media interviews when others would normally reveal less information.

The expectation is that Grubb will follow DeBoer and become the offensive coordinator at Alabama but it’s not impossible that he gets approached for an OC job at the NFL level either.

Mike Vorel of the Seattle Times reported that Washington had gotten down to 3 candidates and an announcement could come as soon as today with interviews finishing last night. Assuming that Grubb was one of those candidates and that he is obviously out of the running it suggests that UW has either selected a candidate and is just finishing up final negotiations or had Grubb last on that list and feels confident they will get a yes from one of the others higher up their list.

Stay tuned as it could be a busy day.