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Thursday Dots: Rock You Golden Hurricanes

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You will stay just to watch me, darlin’

Wilt away on lies from you

Can’t stop the habit of livin’ on the run

I take it all for granted like you’re the Dots

  • After a perfect Week 1, it might be hard to split hairs between the Pac-12 teams. Christian Caple takes a shot at it with his post-Week 1 power rankings. I have no qualms with the teams he has at the top or bottom: USC has earned the top spot with offensive fireworks meeting their preseason hype, and ASU belongs at the bottom with a near defeat against an FCS opponent. In between? You could probably shuffle UW, Oregon, Utah, and Oregon State in any order 2-5.

  • Caple’s previous post is also worth a read. He looks at Davon Banks’s performance against Boise State and note that it isn’t the first time that Banks has come out of nowhere to seize an opportunity. With last year’s lack of playmaking in the secondary, the aggression from Banks was a sight for sore eyes. While he may make mistakes going forward, his ability to put his hands on the ball makes a big difference in the Inge defense.

  • From the first time I saw Jalen McMillan’s high school film, I was in love. He immediately looked like the sort of game-breaking receiver that the Huskies lacked since Jon Ross, or arguably Dante Pettis. While I didn’t realize Rome Odunze would break out to be even more productive, I’m still elated to see McMillan fulfilling that potential. Mike Vorel also writes about how McMillan is showing how deep his bag of tricks is and could be in store for an even bigger season than last year’s breakout.

  • Speaking of Rome, the star receiver spoke to the media. He had some interesting quotes, including expressing his belief that the Dawgs left a lot of points on the table against Boise, which is a bold proclamation any time you put up 50 (though I don’t necessarily disagree with him). Scott Eklund has a summary of Rome’s comments.

  • Sophie O’Sullivan has been touring Europe this summer with UW’s colors across her bib. She has done the colors proud and continues to put up incredible times in worldwide track and field events. Most recently, at the World Athletics Continental Tour, O’Sullivan took down a 41-year-old school record in the 3000 meters.

  • All We Hear is Purple used to automatically embed in all of our posts. That function no longer exists, so to be sure you listen to the podcast, click on the link below and subscribe. If you heard the Week 1 preview, you know that Coach B nailed the Husky defensive game plan and execution to a T: interior DL eats up blocks, edge rushers contain QB rushes, LBs rally to the ball carrier, and DBs make plays when the QB is forced to throw downfield. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss the next prognostication.

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