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Thursday Dots: Movin’ On Up

Returning defenders taking Dawgs to that deluxe defense in the sky

Washington v Oregon Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

I can see that you are lonesome just like me

And it being late, you’d like some Dots

Well, I turn around to look at you, and you look back at me

The guy you’re with, he’s up and split, the chair next to you’s free

  • The most obvious area for improvement headed into UW’s 2023 season was the defense. Transfer DB Jabbar Muhammad had to be part of the solution, as did better health in the secondary. An even more straightforward path to improvement was better play from incumbent starters. Mike Vorel writes about how Eddie Ulofoshio and Dom Hampton both had the sorts of games against Cal that leave 2022’s poor performance in the past.

  • UW President Ana Mari Cauce shed some light on the Pac-12 media right negotiation process, as detailed by Jon Wilner. Cauce explained that the reported goal of $50m in revenue per school has been misinterpreted in much of the reporting on the negotiations. Instead of a flat fee, the $50m figure would include other forms of revenue, such as CFP and bowl payouts, in addition to to TV revenue. Nonetheless, Wilner’s reporting makes it clear that the competing agendas of Pac-12 presidents and the poor economic conditions put commissioner George Kliavkoff in a near impossible situation.

  • Last week, I asked an open-ended question to some of our other writers about whether they could think of any way to partner with UWANIMAL, the Twitter/X creator behind so many fun and goofy Husky-centric videos. As usual, Christian Caple was a step ahead of other UW media. Caple interviewed UWANIMAL for On Montlake to learn more about his background and why he makes the absurd and unique edits.

  • Husky women’s soccer was picked 7th in the pre-season conference poll due to a high rate of turnover from last year’s team. The early-season results have been mostly positive: five wins, and a pair of draws and losses. The schedule will get significantly more difficult this weekend with #4 UCLA and #10 USC coming to visit Seattle. With games on Thursday and Sunday, you can make a soccer and football sandwich that everyone can enjoy.

  • Our old pal Raymond Lucas Jr. has a fun feature at 247- a Pac-12 QB power ranking. Unfortunately, Raymond proved himself to be a filthy traitor by slotting Caleb Williams ahead of or lord and savior Michael Penix Jr. (I kid, maybe).