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Wednesday Dots: Take Your Pick

Ulofoshio got a pick against Cal; he’s one of 6 different Huskies to get interceptions this season.

California v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Only through fire is a strong sword forged. Star Wars - The Clone Wars, Season 4 Episode 2

The temperature will not be that hot on Saturday in the desert, but Husky fans know that winning in the desert is important to have a successful season.

Football Dots

  • UW highlights the 6 players that have interceptions this season

and the 3 INT’s that they got against Cal.

  • UW’s players of the week
  • There have been several discussions recently about whether UW is the best team in college football right now. Here is one of those discussions.
  • If you are so inclined, you can vote for Nate Kalepo for this week’s Joe Moore Award which goes to the best pancake block. You can see the nominees here.

And vote here:

This one from Parker Brailsford wasn’t bad, either.

  • Something to watch for on Saturday is that both Arizona and UW have had a lot of success on first downs so far this season. (Success rate on first down usually means getting at least 50% of the yards needed to move the chains-so normally getting 5 or more yards on first down.)
  • And there should be a lot of people in the stands watching on Saturday.

UW Athletics Dots

  • UW Athletics is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Taehoon Song is the Pac-12 Golfer of the week.
  • Women’s volleyball freshmen crib.