UWDP Out of Bounds Thread on Discord

Hi all,

Rhaego here! I've been fiending for a UWDP OOB thread again, and Max wants us to create it somewhere else, so I thought we should try to see if Discord is a good place for everyone.

I'll admit that even as a youngish video gamer, discord can be kind of confusing for me. That said, it's a very stable and capable platform, so maybe we all can get better at it together.

Here is the link to join our discord. You will likely have to download Discord as an application, but maybe you can use a browser version of it.

UWDP Discord

Feel free to start posting in any of the threads after you join. I will need a few volunteers to moderate. Initially, I will pick a few I already trust and then that can eventually expand after more people participate.

I will try to be as fair and objective of an Administrator as I can be. The main focus will be promoting and maintaining freedom of speech, and the ability to talk freely about topics with relative anonymity. We will develop rules as we go as a group. It will be very democtratic.

If you don't already have a Discord account, I encourage you to use the same name as the one you have here on Vox/UWDP/SB Nation to minimize confusion. I will work on updating mine, but I'm sure you will be able to pair my Discord name with Rhaego. It's very in-character.

Hope to see you all in there!