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Monday Dots: Golden Hurricane Weakens Upon Montlake Shores

Handful of gaffes don’t hinder Huskies’ categorical triumph

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NCAA Football: Tulsa at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Dawg fans and welcome to today’s Dots.

Saturday’s game reminded me of one of my favorite songs from the late, great bluesman Barbecue Bob: “I Never Said I Was Perfect, I Only Said I Was Better Than You”.

It seemed in the immediate aftermath the talk was on the things the Dawgs didn’t do right in their 33-point blowout win over the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. My opinion: when you have a receiving crew this good, revelations of imperfection appear much more glaring. I remarked at the game how our receivers made so many insanely good catches in week 1 that we were due for some drops. They’re human. It will happen. Hopefully it only happens against opponents equally lesser-than as Tulsa was.

More troubling is the continued lack of reliance on a conventional running game. But I keep hearing OC Ryan Grubb’s name spoken in the same sentence as the word “genius”, and now I wonder - maybe if the shoe fits we won’t need a running game, or a FG kicker, or to punt the ball much. We’ll find out.

Go Dawgs!!