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Monday Dots: Lost Weekend

So, did anything happen?

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PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Penn State v Washington Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

I watch the ripples change their size

But never leave the stream of warm impermanence and

So the Dots float through my eyes

But still the Dots seem the same

  • Since we last Dotted, Washington officially announced its departure from the Pac for the Big 10. Every journalist, pundit, blogger, and rock published a think-piece on the demise of the once-great conference over the weekend, so here’s a rapid-fire summary of some of the highlights. Feel free to add more in the comments because there’s no way I’ve caught everything here.

  • Matt Calkins opines that the move, however unhappy it feels, is the right one for the program’s long-term future.

  • Seattle Times news reporter Erik Lacitis weighed on with a feeling of loss and curiosity about whether Nebraska and New Jersey can ever mean as much as the local rivals.

  • Jon Wilner took one last (deserved) shot at Larry Scott in tracing the missteps that got the Pac-12 to this point of collapse.

  • To no one’s surprise, UW President Ana Mari Cauce explained the school’s rationale was financial and that remaining the Pac with Apple’s media rights offer was not viable.

  • Kalen DeBoer talked briefly to the media after the team’s fourth fall practice, which gave reporters a chance to get his first impressions of the move. There are also some updates on the actual football team at the heart of this conundrum.

  • Caple also summarized practice #4, where Michael Penix got some rest, Austin Mack received some QB reps, and Thaddeus Dixon stood out on defense.

  • For 247, Chris Hummer writes about the trend of top college football programs swallowing up the smaller ones in the name of revenue creation and the issues that creates in long-term viability.

  • Justin Wilcox has been around the Pac and now finds himself at one of the schools left out in the cold. He expressed his own dissatisfaction with the process that brought us here.

  • Now in the Big 10, perhaps The Athletic will deign UW as worthy of coverage once again. The Dawgs are prominently featured in a 2024 scheduling preview.