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Thursday Dots: Honestly what are we even doing

Big fan of corporate overlords working overtime to make me not care about college football anymore.

Colorado v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Gotta say, I picked a really good time to do a mini-tour in Europe and then go to the Edinburgh Fringe to do nothing but watch like three comedy shows a day. It's almost like all this realignment bullcrap is just some fever dream that I get to ignore because that's not a space-time continuum I inhabit, nor is it one I'm interested in inhabiting anytime soon. Highly recommend it.

What's that, you don't care? You want some dots? Sure? Yeah sure fair enough, here ya go.

So, there's this:

But there's also a whole bunch of unknowable caveats at this point, which Matt Brown goes over better than anyone:

Contained therein:

On separate notes:

Officially an edge:

Some feelings I agree with:

Do good things, or whatever.