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Danger in Budapest: There’s a Husky Loose

Someone let the Dawgs out and they barked as far as Budapest just now.

This lady Husky is setting Olympic standards
UW Track and Field Twitter account

In the thrilling annals of athletics, moments of pure transcendence are rare but yesterday, Sophie O’Sullivan has carved her name into those pages. Breaking news from the Washington Track and Field Twitter account confirms it – the comet from Ireland has cemented herself as the third-fastest 1500m runner in NCAA’s rich history! And for those keeping score, this firecracker is now rubbing shoulders with the top five quickest in Irish lore.

This Irish Woman celebrates yet another victory - this one in Switzerland
Instagram - @sophie.osullivan

So, how did she pull this off, you ask? Sophie has blitzed her own record, slashing an astonishing five seconds from a benchmark she set just last month in Finland’s frosty tracks. This 21-year-old dynamo, a beacon of Husky pride, has astounded all, especially given that she powered through a grueling 1000m in Switzerland merely weeks prior.

Her fourth-place finish in the latter meet speaks to her caliber. One might ponder if there’s magic afoot across the Atlantic, as our Celtic speedster has registered three of her personal bests amidst the historic backdrops of Hungary, Finland, and Spain.

After her NCAA conquest, the Husky star took to the podium, facing an inquiry from an unnamed reporter, “Your fifth on the list, unfortunately not good enough to make it through. Your thoughts on this?”

Sophie O’Sullivan enjoys the track
Instagram - @sophie.osullivan

With an infectious mix of joy and humility, O’Sullivan chuckled, ““Umm you know…I put myself in the spot in the last 100 where I could’ve been. You know I’m top six…but I mean that is as fast as I could run and that is the best I could’ve been. I just have to come back another time.”

Probed further about this meteoric rise, the ever-humble O’Sullivan confessed that the magnitude of her accomplishment hadn’t sunk in. In the heat of the race such thoughts elude you, was the message to receive as she mused on the action in the moment.

UW Track and Field, rejoice! You’ve netted a gem in this U23 gold medalist, and she’s ecstatic to lead the charge.