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All We Hear Is Purple: Getting Defensive

We talk depth charts and conference alignment

Oregon State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

We were not in the studio today. In fact, we were all thousands of miles apart. But that couldn’t stop us from recording our defensive depth chart preview podcast. With news breaking fast on media rights and conference alignment, we had to descend into that topic, as well.

Coach B joined Andrew from Hawaii and weighed in on whether the Dawgs have what it takes to make significant defensive progress from last year’s disappointment. What does the depth look like on the defensive line behind the three potential star-level starters? Can Eddie Ulofoshio return to his past level with more freedom to get downhill and hit hard? How short will the leashes be in the secondary for some of the less proven commodities? Can the reshuffling at the back-end unlock more playmaking by the safeties and slot corners?

While the tone of the defensive discussion was mostly positive, the excitement about the conference situation was less so. The early rumors about the Pac-12 media rights deal are not good. Colorado is leaving and Arizona looks to be hot on their heels. Can the Pac-12 survive under these conditions or is UW better off looking for a lifeboat?

As always, thanks for listening and Go Dawgs.