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All We Hear is Purple: Not A Fascist (Question Mark)?

Don’t be scared off by the title, that’s mostly superficial.

NCAA Football: Portland St. at Washington Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, and welcome to All We Hear is Purple episode number somethingth. Don’t be scared off by the title, that’s mostly superficial.

Today we talked about:

  • All the offensive stuff
  • Sorry meant “offensive” like “of the offense,” not “offensive” like “[this text has been censored by standards and practices]”
  • Seriously, just straight up offense and all that. Just a general offensive rundown.
  • One gigantic rant on realignment, greed, myopia, comically arrogant incompetence... Ya know, the whole shebang.
  • Apologizing to the non-football student athletes fot how their lives are about to become a lot more stressful
  • “Thank you, Big Men Who’ve Blown Up College Football, for reminding me of other things that are actually inherently fulfilling and how I should be emotionally investing in those things instead.”
  • Dudes named Colson

Enjoy! (Or don’t, it’s your call baby, you can do whatever you want. Enjoy, not enjoy... I guess those are really your two main options.)

Also, Gabey plugged two of her own projects at the end (because she’s clearly a raging narcissist) — the first of which doesn’t have tickets available for it yet, but those should be available in a few weeks on The Crocodile’s site once the producers (i.e. she and her other producer friend) get their sh*t together. The second thing can be found here, but you shouldn’t click on it because it is very dumb.

And for anyone interested in Andrew’s plug(s), they can be found right here, where you’re also supporting local bookstores because you are a good person.