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Weekly Six Pac: San Diegnot Yet

Pac-10 is back, but not how anyone wanted

San Diego State v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

1 . The will-they or won’t they drama with San Diego State joining the Pac-12 appears to have some resolution. At least for the moment. Write for California explains the latest twists and turns in the Pac-X expansion drama with SDSU telling the Mountain West that they will not bolt the conference for next year. Complicating matters further is the MWC’s stance that San Diego State still owes an exit fee to the conference for initially announcing their intent to leave before ultimately backing out. Oh what a bizarre story.

2. There has been no lack of coverage of NIL and the transfer portal in college football and men’s college basketball media. But the impact of the new college sports reality extends beyond the highest-revenue sports. Addicted to Quack discusses the effects of the new rules (or lack of rules) on sports such as volleyball. At first, I joked that the NCAA made NIL and the transfer portal intentionally vague and confusing so it would fail and they could say the experiment failed. With each passing month, I’m less sure that there was ever anything humorous about it.

BYU v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

3. Stanford has been an unexpected early winner in the summer recruiting season with a class that has vaulted it near the top of the conference rankings. Nonetheless, an anonymous opposing coach does not think that Troy Taylor is cut out for long-term success in Palo Alto. He says that Stanford starts behind the eight-ball with limited NIL resources and a relative disadvantage in taking transfers for academic reasons. Due to these factors, this coach thinks that Stanford needs someone with a nationwide profile, whereas Taylor is purely a California guy.

4. Arizona Desert Swarms dives into the mailbag to answer a wide variety of Wildcat-related questions. The mailbag covers QB recruiting, NCAA Tournament hosting, women’s gymnastics, and women’s basketball. I’m always a fan of blogs that have space for more than football game recaps and recruiting predictions (not that those are a bad thing, but there are a lot of colors in the college sports rainbow).

5. Is it too early to accurately predict college football matchups coming up this fall? Absolutely. Does that take away from the fun of trying to do it? Nope. House of Sparky is previewing every game from the fall slate, starting with a breakdown of the opener against Southern Utah.

Arizona State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

6. I previously touched on the burgeoning trend of recruits committing earlier than ever. Scott Wolf of Inside USC considered the historical perspective. Pete Carroll intentionally held off on taking commitments until the fall to increase the chances of the commitment sticking and to get more time to scout the player in the fall. Will commitments keep getting earlier, or will the pendulum swing back the other way in time?