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Weekly Roundtable: No QBs Allowed

Who’s going to Pac-12 Media Day with Coach DeBoer if Michael Penix stays home?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 27 Pac-12 Media Day Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Okay, looks like I’m up for a round table topic today. Here’s a simple one, with a twist. Who is DeBoer bringing to pac 12 media day in two weeks time (July 21st) if the league implements a rule saying no QBs allowed?

“Quarterbacks have gotten way too much publicity in this conference during pre season. It’s time to humble them.” George Kliavkoff, maybe.

My immediate instinct is Rome Odunze and Edefuan Ulofoshio. Under the radar is Mele and ZTF.

Mark Schafer

I’m gonna throw you a curveball. Roger Rosengarten, after a breakout season last year is ready for his accolades! Other than that, Rome, ZTF, Bralen Trice and Eddie make great candidates! Maybe a new transfer in Johnson or Ngata


Ooh I actually love the Roger nom. Like I doubt it’ll be him but the “who eats the most food” streeter he did was delightful and showed he’s charismatic as hell.

I think all the other guys mentioned before that are more likely though other than Mele (I love the guy but nah).

If it were down to me I’d go with Roger and ZTF I think just cuz they’re both just fun and Eddie’s done it in the past even though he’s a good option and totally makes sense as one of the leaders.

I think Rome or Jalen and Eddie are probably the most likely and I do like them for that roll but I’d just love having two fun weirdos from each line.

Andrew Berg

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this but Rosengarten reminds me of the goofy kid from Stranger Things.

It’s hard to know who has the most personality until we’ve seen them in that setting. It seems like McMillan has an outgoing personality. I’d love to hear more about Eddie U but don’t know if he’s one to open up in front of a microphone. Same goes for Jack Westover.


Any last thoughts?


They normally go with veterans and it’s usually one each for offense and defense. Last year which was the first under DeBoer it was Jaxson Kirkland and Alex Cook. Both in their final year of eligibility and had spent 6 seasons with the program (i.e. neither transferred in). Because of that I think it’s not unreasonable that they’d go with someone other than Penix even if you hadn’t disqualified him. But given that they’re trying to launch a Heisman campaign for him, they’d be crazy not to send him to Media day and talk up that angle aggressively.Again, since you eliminated being able to pick Penix, other offensive options... While I think that Rosengarten would be a fun choice he seems like someone that becomes an obvious pick next year if he doesn’t go to the NFL. It would be reasonable to say Fautanu earns a chance but I’m not sure why I just don’t quite see it. I like Andrew bringing up Westover as that’s a sneaky pick. Obviously no one is voting on it but it does feel like Westover/Culp as a pair of 6-year tight ends who are kind of co-starters likely “split the votes” and neither gets selected. You could argue the same thing happening at receiver with Odunze/McMillan and neither of them are in their final year of eligibility. Also, Cam Davis a reasonable nod. In the end though I think it has to go to Rome for similar reasons to Penix even though he’s not up for Heisman. But he is a realistic 1st round pick with the right PR.On defense I think there are options at all levels. Along the defensive front you have both Tuli Letuligasenoa and ZTF. From a personality standpoint ZTF would absolutely crush it. He’s also though not the most prominent player at his position on the team which hurts his case a little. I support the previous mentions of Eddie and think he would be a good choice as well. Ultimately I think the pick ends up being Asa Turner. I was recently catching up on Caple’s piece about the most important non-QBs on the team and they mentioned how Morrell views Turner as the coach on the field. They picked Alex Cook last year (Turner is now godfather to Cook’s child) and another 6th year safety seems likely to be the choice again.


(Any rebuttals?)



Or at least not from me heh you pretty much said what I was thinking but better