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Wednesday Dots: Muscular Metrics

Lots of big data.

You got me burning like a candle flame,

You’re gonna hurt because you never change,

Take me from the darkness tryna heal my pain,

Hear my Dots, hear my Dots.


  • Head Coaches love to praise their strength coaches as the most important hire they make. Kalen DeBoer has certainly said this, and has shared his view that Ron McKeefery is the best in the business. This is basically an case study/ad for the company, but it’s always great to get a peak at the inner workings of UW Football, specifically McKeefery’s strength and conditioning program:

  • Speaking of data, an in-depth, metrics driven preview of UW:

  • A Very Long Tweet about Penix:

  • I suppose 50 days away can be considered “almost”:

  • In case you’re wondering what Isaiah Stanback is up to these days, the former Husky QB is advocating for a worthy cause with his family at the Capitol:

  • Definitely one of the most intriguing storylines to follow over the past few years has been Lincoln Riley’s chops on the grill. His most recent installment: