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Monday Dots: Wins come right behind the rain

Huskies advance to Women’s College World Series

My body is burning, it starts to shout

Dots is coming, it breaks out loud

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  • The Huskies dispatched Louisiana in the Softball Super-Regionals in rather straightforward fashion to qualify for the Women’s College World Series. Louisiana was shut out twice all season before the Dawgs inflicted that fate on them in back to back games. While the games did not have the insane drama of the regional finals, the post-game celebration for the seniors in their last home game made up for that.

  • Now, UW will move on to play Utah in the first game of the WCWS on Thursday. UW took two of three in a tight series in the regular season. Utah knocked UW out of the Pac-12 Tournament on the way to a surprising championship. This game in Oklahoma City will b ea high-stakes rubber match. Maybe it’s just me, but a trip to Oklahoma seems like an insufficient reward for a great season.

  • It’s a slightly quieter part of the year for Husky football, but Mike Vorel covered some of the lingering questions in his Friday mailbag. One of the topics he addresses is the relatively quiet start to the recruiting season for the Dawgs. Recall that we were in a similar spot last year before the big OV weekend. If the late June visits don’t kick things into high gear, then it will be fair to start worrying.