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Wednesday Dots: The Other Diamond Dawgs

Baseball today, softball this weekend, and more.

It’s not really work,

It’s just the power to charm,

I’m still standing in the wind,

But I never wave bye bye

But I try, I try

Never gonna fall for Dots!


  • Softball is rightfully receiving tons of attention, but there’s another bat-and-ball UW team beginning tournament play today. Husky Baseball plays UCLA today at 2:30pm:

  • Softball plays in a best of three series this weekend against Louisiana. If you don’t already have a ticket, you’ll be watching at home:

  • Re-ranking the 16 teams in the Super Regional, where does UW fall?

  • In the broader world of the NCAA, they released their findings from their sports betting survey. I’m sure that’s something we can all agree we want the NCAA to stay far away from.

  • I think this is saying that we have a 25% chance to win 10 or more games. Would you take those odds right now?

  • Champagne Larry is the gift that keeps on giving: