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Wednesday Dots: High-Stakes Huskies

Pac-12 softball tournament, Jon Wilner on the Pac-12 Presidents, and more.

No I’m never gonna do it without the Dots on,

Oh no,

That’s what I am,

Please understand,

I wanna be your holy Dots.


  • The Pac-12 is loaded with great teams this year:

  • Well earned for Baylee Klinger!

  • A huge freshman season ends with all conference honors:

  • Madi Huskey earns her second All-Pac-12 honor:

  • Yet again emphasizing how deep and talented this team is, Sami Reynolds All-Pac-12 for her fourth (!) consecutive year:

  • Could almost be mistaken for a Big 10 announcement:

  • And the coach who helps make that offense possible: