IF we got the call from the B1G - RIGHT NOW -

to join them for $40M/yr., should we stay/wait or should we go now?

I have read SO MANY comments from folks saying we ABSOLUTELY should take a $40M deal from the B1G. But - IMHO - what people are overlooking is travel/expenses.

It was estimated that USC/UCLA's travel expenses would go up from $8.1 million to as much as $23.1 million (based on trips for ALL programs per year), in addition to an extra $15 million in annual expenses to meet the average Big Ten budget. Those expenses won't be much different for Washington than it is for USC/UCLA. Our travel WILL go up $15M ($23.1 - $8.1) plus $15M MORE to meet the average B1G budget (we HAVE to be able to compete financially or what's the purpose?).

So basically - AFTER expenses/competing monies - UW would HAVE to get $40M - PLUS $15M more for travel, and $15M more - $70M to be financially viable. If we only got a $40M deal from the B1G, after you deduct expenses, we're left with $10M dollars profit and ZERO monies to meet the "average" B1G budget.

By staying in the PAC, with a $30M deal, minus $8M for travel, we'd pocket $22M. We're actually $12M AHEAD. I think it would be prudent to stay in the PAC until the B1G negotiates their new media deal in 7 years. Then we can ask for, and probably get, the full membership monies. Otherwise, we'd lose WAY too much money.

I want folks to KNOW that I am 100% behind us joining the B1G. I just don't think it's wise for us to do that for $40M/yr for the next 7 years.