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All We Hear Is Purple Podcast: Coach, Forever

Andrew and Coach B measure their intelligence against the artificial kind

NCAA Football: Kent State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome!

On the latest episode of All We Hear Is Purple, only one of the hosts is podcasting with an open head wound. You’ll have to listen closely to guess which one.

Andrew and Coach B take a break from taking a break from podcasting to talk about some wide-ranging Husky football topics. First, they let Chat GPT take the lead with topic suggestions and get into some fun conversation about talent development and recruiting philosophy.

There isn’t a lot of new news on the football field, but they did talk about Austin Mack. The QB’s commitment, reclassification, and enrollment seemingly came out of nowhere, which goes to show the level of backup planning it takes to keep a QB room together.

Finally, Andrew and Coach talk about the future of the Pac-12. From conference membership to media rights deals, they cover the dominoes that must fall in order to keep the conference viable over the long term. Are SDSU and SMU the answer? Is Apple TV the answer? Just when you think you know the answers, we change the questions.