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Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At The Upcoming Recruiting Calendar

Recruiting Roundup: Taking A Look At Some Key Recruiting Dates

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Happy Sunday Husky fans. This last week was a quiet one in the Husky recruiting sphere, and with not much happening I wanted to focus this article on the upcoming recruiting calendar.

Right now we are in the “Quiet period” which means: A quiet period is that period of time when it is permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts only on the member institution’s campus. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts or evaluations may be made during the quiet period. What that means is that the Husky staff can host recruits on unofficial visits if they decide to head to campus. With spring right around the corner the Husky staff will start bringing in some of their top prospects for unofficial visits to check out their practices and for the coaches to get a chance to sit down and talk with recruits in person. I would anticipate most of the unofficial visits to start happening in April after spring break is done at UW. I would expect a few commits to probably pop this spring after prospects get the chance to really see how the Husky coaches interact with their players and learn more about the program.

Starting on April 15th the recruiting calendar to heads to an “Evaluation period which is defined as: An evaluation period is that period of time when it is permissible for authorized athletics department staff members to be involved in off-campus activities designed to assess the academic qualifications and playing ability of prospective student-athletes. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts shall be made with the prospective student-athlete during an evaluation period. Simply put this means that Husky coaches will be able to head out and check in on prospects at their schools to see how they are doing academically but also watch them practice or workout. With the spring game wrapping up on April 22nd, I would expect the Husky coaches to head out starting Monday April 24th and hit the ground running to evaluate not only prospects who have offers but others who they are still evaluating.

Starting June 1st the recruiting calendar heads into another quiet period, however this is the time of the year that Husky coaches are setting aside to bring some prospects in for official visits (it sounds like a few prospects have already set some visits up at the end of June). This is another time I would expect to see some new commits added, and it will be very telling who the Huskies are doing well with when official visits starting getting announced. Theoretically the Husky staff could host recruits all the way to July 31st, but I would assume the staff will set aside those few weeks to get the staff some R&R before fall camp starts.

Once fall camp starts there is usually another dead period followed by a quiet period and then official visits will be allowed again once the season starts. The recruiting calendar hasn’t been released for fall camp and after as of yet. You can view the calendar through July 31st here:

With 2 commits in the 2024 already in the boat (and with the reclassification of Austin Mack to the 2023 class), we should start seeing some new commits in the next couple of months.

That is all for today and as always follow me @asieverkropp.