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UW Transfer Portal Tracker 12.7.23

Taking a look at where things stand right this second in a dynamic transfer environment

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night the Huskies won the Pac-12 Championship. On Sunday morning the Huskies found out they were the #2 overall seed in the College Football Playoffs and are headed to the Sugar Bowl. On Monday morning the gates of hell also known as the transfer portal burst open.

It was one heck of a few days. Especially if you decided you were going to enter in data on every single transfer into an excel sheet and apply a formula to come up with numerically based transfer portal rankings that would then go into a fancy Tableau dashboard all with an infant at home. Not that anyone would be dumb enough to do that.

Oh wait, I would. And what good is having your own transfer portal rankings if you don’t write an article on it? So here we are. A word of warning that any and all of this information could become outdated within minutes of posting it. Life comes at you fast in the portal.

Players With Clear Connection to Washington

QB Will Rogers- Mississippi State, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 87.5, #5 quarterback, #8 overall

One of the instant refrains from 247 Sports from the minute the portal opened was that there was a serious connection between Washington and Mississippi State Quarterback Will Rogers. National 247 writer Chris Hummer placed a crystal ball pick for Rogers to end up in Seattle and we’ll see if that comes to fruition.

The 4-year starter is second all-time in SEC history in career passing yards after playing three seasons in Mike Leach’s air raid system. He had his best season as a sophomore when he threw for 4,687 yards with 36 TDs and 9 INTs. The main reason he is in the portal is that after Leach’s passing last offseason, new head coach Zach Arnett installed an entirely new offense on the fly. Arnett was fired after just one season and Rogers missed 4 games due to a shoulder injury while playing poorly on the field.

Washington doesn’t run the air raid but there is overlap and they would love a guy who is comfortable throwing it 40+ attempts per game if necessary. We’ll see if adding a QB like Rogers would cause Dylan Morris to transfer out but if not then a Morris-Rogers battle for starter with Austin Mack waiting one more year before ascending makes a lot of sense.

WR Tobias Merriweather- Notre Dame, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 69.5, #30 WR, #163 Overall

Washington was never able to gain traction when trying to recruit Merriweather out of Vancouver, WA out of high school. The 6’4 high four-star prospect chose Notre Dame over Oregon and saw some early playing time while securing a 41-yard touchdown against Stanford. This season saw Merriweather start about half the games and he compiled 14 catches for 284 yards and 2 TDs in an underperforming Notre Dame offense.

Notre Dame 247 insider Tom Loy put in a crystal ball pick for Merriweather to return to his home state and play for the Huskies next season. Washington needs some experience on the outside with Rome Odunze and Ja’Lynn Polk expected to leave for the NFL. It would make sense for the Huskies to swing for the fences with a player that has similar size/speed to Odunze and give him to JaMarcus Shephard for seasoning.

CB Will Lee III- Kansas State, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 80.3, #2 CB, #31 Overall

Washington was quick to offer the 6’3 Lee when he entered the portal and that has paid off. Lee yesterday announced that he was down to a final 3 of Washington, Louisville, and Texas A&M. Both of those teams have deep NIL pockets but the Huskies had the most success on the field this season. Lee spent one year at Iowa Western for JUCO and then committed to Oregon State. However, he ended up flipping to Kansas State and was a standout in the Big 12 this past season earning honorable mention all-conference status. He finished this year with 2 interceptions and 6 pass break-ups while compiling 48 tackles and only missing 7.7% of them.

If Jabbar Muhammad decides to head to the NFL then Lee would be a capable replacement. If he returns then Lee would provide stiff competition to Elijah Jackson and Davon Banks opposite Muhammad.

CB Jermod McCoy- Oregon State, 3 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 61.2, #39 CB, #290 Overall

Another option at the cornerback position is McCoy who announced a Husky offer last night after entering the portal earlier that day. McCoy started 4 games as a true freshman for Oregon State including against Washington when he gave up just 2 catches on 8 targets for 29 yards while primarily working against Rome Odunze. He also had 2 INTs and 6 PBUs but at 6’0 and 180 pounds is much more slight than Lee and was a much less sure tackler. If McCoy ended up in purple and gold he wouldn’t be a sure thing to start but would provide experienced depth with several years of eligibility remaining.

DL Nate Clifton- Vanderbilt, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 65.6, #11 DL, #217 Overall

Washington loses both starting defensive tackles this year so they could clearly use some help on the interior of the line. Clifton played more of a jumbo defensive end role for Vanderbilt at 6’5, 280 pounds but would be a valuable chess piece similar to Voi Tunuufi. There’s a clear connection here as UW DT coach Inoke Breckterfield was Clifton’s position coach for one season before coming to Washington. Clifton had a breakout 2023 season with 5 sacks in his 3rd year as an SEC starter.

DL Joey Slackman- Penn, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 67.8, #8 DL, #188 Overall

The Huskies were quick to offer Slackman who was one of the first premier players to enter the portal based on the FCS having an earlier end to their season. The former wrestler was late to football but dominated the Ivy League with 12 sacks over the past 2 years at 6’4 and 300 pounds. It might not translate quite as directly to the Big Ten but Slackman at the very least should be a very good reserve interior pass rusher with a chance to be a high level starter if he handles the transition up well. Reports are that the Huskies are in good shape trying to get a visit from Slackman who has visited Wisconsin and will be at Florida this weekend.

EDGE Samuel Okunlola- Pittsburgh, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 77.4, #7 Edge, #62 Overall

It remains to be seen how in the mix the Huskies are with Okunlola but they extended an early offer and it’s easy to see why. As a redshirt freshman this year he finished with 5 sacks in just 266 defensive snaps, starting Pitt’s final two games. Washington is losing their top-3 edge players in terms of snaps played so Okunlola would give them a building block with multiple years of eligibility remaining that would come in and immediately compete for a starting spot.

TE Jack Velling- Oregon State, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 76.1, #4 TE, #77 Overall

It would make all the sense in the world for the Huskies to pursue Velling. A Seattle Prep grad, Velling committed to OSU before hometown Washington offered and chose the Beavers in a final grouping that also included Michigan and Utah. He ended up starting as a true freshman after the injury suffered by 2nd round draft pick Luke Musgrave. This year as a sophomore he emerged as a downfield threat tying for the lead among TEs in touchdown catches with 8 of them. With the Huskies losing both Jack Westover and Devin Culp it would be a perfect fit to pair Velling with Josh Cuevas as the two primary receiving options from the tight end spot. The one downside to Velling is that he hasn’t graded well per PFF as a pass blocker but hopefully UW could coach him up there a little.

He hasn’t announced a UW offer yet but it’s worth noting that UCLA TE Carsen Ryan (my #1 TE and #29 overall) has listed the Huskies as one of 4 schools that have shown interest in Ryan and he would be another fantastic option as well. The hometown status with Velling though seems to give Washington a better chance at landing him.

Top Uncommitted Players at Each Position


  1. DJ Uiagelelei, Oregon State- 93.8 (#1 overall)
  2. Hank Bachmeier, Louisiana Tech- 91.7 (#2 overall)
  3. Dillon Gabriel, Oklahoma- 90.9 (#4 overall)
  4. Tyler Van Dyke, Miami- 90.3 (#5 overall)
  5. Will Rogers, Mississippi State- 87.5 (#8 overall)

Running Back

  1. Raheim “Rocket” Sanders, Arkansas- 89.7 (#7 overall)
  2. Raleek Brown, USC- 83.5 (#20 overall)
  3. Deion Hankins- UTEP- 79.8 (#35 overall)
  4. Michael Allen- NC State- 79.8 (#36 overall)
  5. Sieh Bangura, Ohio- 79.4 (#41 overall)

Wide Receiver

  1. Beaux Collins, Clemson- 82.6 (#24 overall)
  2. Zavion Thomas, Mississippi State- 80.5 (#30 overall)
  3. Donaven McCulley, Indiana- 80.1 (#32 overall)
  4. Rico Flores Jr, Notre Dame- 79.8 (#37 overall)
  5. Julian Fleming, Ohio State- 79.4 (#42 overall)

Tight End

  1. Carsen Ryan, UCLA- 81.3 (#29 overall)
  2. Jalin Conyers, Arizona State- 79.7 (#38 overall)
  3. Jack Velling, Oregon State- 76.1 (#77 overall)
  4. Corey Dyches, Maryland- 75.3 (#81 overall)
  5. Mark Redman, San Diego State- 69.1 (#172 overall)

Offensive Tackle

  1. Carter Smith, Indiana- 76.7 (#70 overall)
  2. Micah Sahakian, Cornell- 71.4 (#121 overall)
  3. Spencer Brown, Michigan State- 70.9 (#129 overall)
  4. Fernando Carmona Jr, San Jose State- 69.8 (#154 overall)
  5. Matthew Bedford, Indiana- 69.7 (#159 overall)

Interior Offensive Line

  1. Quantavious Leslie, Western Kentucky- 83.5 (#19 overall)
  2. Vincent Murphy, Western Kentucky- 78.7 (#46 overall)
  3. Zeke Correll, Notre Dame- 76.7 (#71 overall)
  4. Easton Kilty, North Dakota- 70.9 (#130 overall)
  5. Chase Bisontis, Texas A&M- 70.3 (#144 overall)

Defensive Line

  1. Walter Nolen, Texas A&M- 87.3 (#9 overall)
  2. Aeneas Pebbles, Duke- 77.7 (#58 overall)
  3. Marley Cook, Middle Tennessee- 74.7 (#84 overall)
  4. Jordan Guerad, Florida International- 74.6 (#98 overall)
  5. Jonathan Jefferson, Georgia- 72.1 (#112 overall)

Edge Rusher

  1. Princely Umanmielen, Florida- 90.8 (#5 overall)
  2. Patrick Payton, Florida State- 83.8 (#16 overall)
  3. Jahfari Harvey, Miami- 82.9 (#21 overall)
  4. Keaten Wade, Kentucky- 80.1 (#33 overall)
  5. RJ Oben, Duke- 77.5 (#60 overall)


  1. Jaishawn Barham, Maryland- 91.5 (#3 overall)
  2. Jackson Bratton, UAB- 82.9 (#22 overall)
  3. Ozzie Nicholas, Princeton- 79.2 (#43 overall)
  4. Devyn Curtis, Middle Tennessee- 76.4 (#74 overall)
  5. Javante Mackey, Arkansas State- 73.8 (#91 overall)


  1. Tyreek Chappell, Texas A&M- 82.0 (#25 overall)
  2. Will Lee III, Kansas State- 80.3 (#31 overall)
  3. Mumu Bin-Wahad, Connecticut- 80.1 (#34 overall)
  4. Jaidyn Denis, Elon- 79.6 (#39 overall)
  5. Trikweze Bridges, Oregon- 79.5 (#40 overall)


  1. Key Lawrence, Oklahoma- 85.9 (#11 overall)
  2. Andrew Mukuba, Clemson- 85.5 (#13 overall)
  3. Jalen Catalon, Texas- 83.6 (#18 overall)
  4. Isheem Young, Ole Miss- 81.9 (#27 overall)
  5. De’Rickey Wright, Vanderbilt- 78.9 (#45 overall)


Make sure to check out the most updated transfer portal rankings right here as I will be adding additional visualizations once commits start to happen more frequently than portal entries.