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Husky Legends Schedule Preview: What. If?

Pitting legendary Husky teams against legendary opponents

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 31 CFP Semifinal - Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the first time ever UW Dawg Pound explores an imagined twelve game season where we pit this 2023 team against some of the best teams of the last ten years.

On Saturdays we will be treated to different games in different weathers

and different cities, and Husky nation can relive some of the best football once again.

The recaps will colloquially be referred to as “Washington, What If—”s and officially here comes the first season of Husky Legends. Here is the schedule of games:

(December 16, 2023) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2016 Washington Huskies

I am very excited for this matchup. Right now the stories write themselves. DeBoer/Grubb vs Petersen/Kwiatkowski. How does the 2023 offensive line hold up against something like that 2016 freak of nature that was their defense? Right now the weather calls for rain so how does that shake things up?

(December 23, 2023) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2014 Oregon Ducks

Marcus Mariota won the Heisman this year, so this is a battle. Eugene will be fired up for what could be devastating for a Husky team that hasn’t performed consistently against running QBs. Penix should be able to lead an offensive charge, but with the downpour is it likely it can carry the Dawgs over?

(January 12, 2024) 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide @ 2023 Washington Huskies

Mac Jones is who he was as a college talent, but the story could be the matchup of DeVonta Smith on Powell or Muhammad. This game smells good for Dillon Johnson, but can Penix survive an always talented squad of Alabama secondary?

(January 19, 2024) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2013 Florida State Seminoles

Remember Jameis Winston? No, not the Buccaneer, the Seminole. He’s the years Heisman for a reason, but I’m all over this matchup. FSU may be too one dimensional to crawl themselves out of this one as a Husky team with a knack for winning can find a way to hopefully do it again.

(January 27, 2024) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2017 Penn State Nittany Lions

This is a game most Huskies, at least, want back and Saquon Barkley could be set repeat his success. How do the Huskies respond to the environment in a timely matchup with the actual Big Ten game coming? The front seven could be weaker than the team that lost the 2017 Fiesta Bowl, but can there be offensive success to supplement? Did I mention there’s a blizzard coming....and it’s bad.

(February 3, 2024) 2020 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ 2023 Washington Huskies

I remember wanting this bowl badly for my Irish aunt who went to Notre Dame before law school. And now, it’s happening. Can the Husky crowd show up for a powerful matchup in Seattle? Penix may not need it to beat this team, though.

(February 10, 2024) 2022 Utah Utes @ 2023 Washington Huskies

“Utah wins the Pac-12 yet again.” Too often we suffered this headline, watching them beat the other team we didn’t get a crack at twice, 2022 USC Trojans. But what happens when Utah comes to Seattle in a stellar masterclass of quarterbacks and defense? The Pac-12 comes to Seattle? We’ll see.

(February 16, 2024) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2016 Colorado Buffaloes

There are some who’d contest the Pac-12 Championship game that year as illegitimate since the game only was pulled away from after the QB injury. Well, how does a healthy Colorado squad compete with Penix & co. if the game is a snowy one in Colorado? Discover in this Valentine’s classic.

(February 24, 2024) 2017 USC Trojans @ 2023 Washington Huskies

2016 had one blemish on an otherwise perfect record, USC beating up on an injury saddled secondary. How do we solve this? By pitting the even better USC team from the next year up against the 2023 Huskies. Is Darnold the same? Does Husky stadium sell out and bring the noise?

Oh yeah.

(March 2, 2024) 2017 Clemson Tigers @ 2023 Washington Huskies - Peach Bowl

Oh man, the two offense hungry teams, both masters of their respective styles get to duke it out in what is essentially a home game for the Clemson Tigers. Is Penix able to rise to the challenge with Johnson carrying the load hopefully? Or does Trevor Lawrence make this a walk in the park?

(March 9, 2024) 2023 Washington Huskies @ 2021 Pittsburgh Panthers

In the penultimate game this season for the Huskies, we get a trip all the way to Pittsburgh to see what the number one team in the ACC has to offer. Hopefully not too much because that pass attack leaves little question on whether or not the defense can hold up.

(March 16, 2024) 2018 Washington State Cougars @ 2023 Washington Huskies

To close out the inaugural season of Husky Legends, of course we need an Apple Cup. And why not do it against the other best team in the North in 2018? Let’s rock and roll and find out how the Huskies rise to this challenge, if they can.

All games are figurative matchups and are not meant to be a definitive this is exactly what-would-happen.