"Flood gates"

I love the transfers of Michael Penix and Dillon Johnson.
Does it get any better than a PAC - 12 championship ?

It does for this old school fan.

We recruit young athletes out of high school and beyond a great education, we develop outstanding athletes and admirable adults. Recruits like ; ____________________________________________ who arrive at Washington ...hit the books and 'over the years' view affiliation with the U.of Washington as one of lifes highlights. E.G. I was not recruited but moved 3,000 miles to Seattle for grad school. A highlight of my life. I like to think is was a well developed decision.

Brings me to the "NOW" of colleges.

U.Washington success this year puts it in a position of "buying" any athlete/player it wants. Husky Futures...NIL...and area businesses ( Boeing,Amazon,Starbucks,MicroSoft,Costco etc) just need to step-up a little and we can 'own' the transfer portal landscape. We can assemble another great team. We can ;own' the BIG-10. I can cheer for UDub. Fans everywhere can be awed by U Washington's victories.

We're entering dangerous territory IMO. I know this isn't popular but...give me the :Tulis, Eddies, Ales',Carsons', and D Mos any day !

The portal already has scoires of very accomplished athletes.Now go into the "transfer Portal" and bring us anothyer Penix and one Johnson !

Go Huskies !