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Husky Legends 1X00: Pilot

Let’s have some fun when the football season isn’t around, eh?

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The series ‘Husky Legends’ is meant as a hypothetical for current Husky team (2023) and how they’d fare against the best teams of recent years. In no way, shape or form is it meant to be taken as fact.

A hush hung in the air, an eerie stillness that bordered on unsettling, the quiet itself taking on a haunting quality. Michael Penix Jr. gradually regained consciousness, finding himself in a place cloaked in darkness. Not complete darkness, there was enough light to reveal towering cliffs and a desolate wasteland. The players and coaches around him were slowly sitting up, their collective disorientation palpable. They seemed to be grappling with the aftermath of a journey through the skies, the residual ache a tangible reminder of their abrupt descent to the ground—a sensation almost overwhelming in its intensity.

“Where are we?” the question hung in the air, likely voiced by the defensive back, Jabbar Muhammad. As the players and coaches began to emerge from the shadows, the artificial lighting in this otherworldly realm brightened, casting an otherworldly glow on the scene. The mysterious environment unfolded before them, and the coaches, previously shrouded, crept into view, revealing themselves just as the illumination heightened.

Something felt amiss, and it didn’t take long to discover what. A few yards away, Alabama QB Mac Jones rose to his feet, and to the left of the team stood another team, clad in orange— the Clemson Tigers. In the forefront, a familiar face emerged, obscured by long hair and accompanied by a signature smile. “Mike!” Rome shouted to his quarterback just as a face seemed to materialize in the sky.

“Greetings, all. You are all likely wondering why you are here. I have assembled thirteen of the best teams in recent and comparable memory to compete and determine the ultimate champion,” the voice began. An uneasy sensation settled over Coach DeBoer. “After a twelve-game regular season, these teams will engage in an eight-game playoff. The victor will earn the ultimate reward.”

“What happens if we lose?” someone yelled, and all eyes turned to a figure emerging from the shadows. It was none other than Saquon Barkley of Penn State.

“Those who lose will be erased from their timeline,” the face responded with an unsettling lack of emotion.

“And what is this reward?” Bralen Trice asked, as the ground trembled and the world underwent a profound transformation. From Husky Stadium to Happy Valley, stadiums emerged from the ground, soaring high into the sky.

“Why,” the face joked, “it’s life.”