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UW Transfer Portal Tracker 12.13.23

Washington has a busy few days ahead with visits galore for top portal targets

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Right now the score for Washington is 2 exits through the portal and 0 entrants. That will likely fast though as the Huskies have a number of prospects who have already taken visits this week or will be taking them in the next several days. Buckle up because things are about to pick up in a major way.

If a player below got a more extensive write-up in the last edition of the portal tracker last Thursday then I focused on their recruitment more than any player analysis. That means I recommend going back and reading last week’s article here first if you happened to miss it. Plus, it adds some more context to how things have already changed in a week.

The below rankings are all based on my own system that factors in performance on the field, playing time, and recruiting ratings. It’s slightly more complex than that but if you’re wondering why a particular player is rated so well, they probably started early in their career, have played well, and were a top recruit. If a player seems to be rated more poorly than you’d think it’s probably because they were an unrated recruit out of high school.

Targets Committed Elsewhere Since Last Update

CB Will Lee III- Kansas State, Current Portal Ranking: 80.0, #3 CB, #42 Overall

Lee narrowed things down to a final 3 of Texas A&M, Washington, and Louisville and was planning on taking official visits to those schools in that order. He never made the flight from College Station to Seattle. It’s closer to home (he’s from Missouri), he gets to play in the SEC, and he gets to play for a defensive head coach. Plus I’m sure the NIL situation there didn’t hurt either.

DL Nate Clifton- Vanderbilt, Current Portal Ranking: 65.1, #14 DL, #262 Overall

Clifton had ties to Washington through DL coach Inoke Breckterfield who spent one season as Clifton’s position coach before coming to Washington. However, Clifton opted to commit to USC on his first visit.

Players Offered By and/or Visiting Washington

QB Will Rogers- Mississippi State, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 87.3, #5 QB, #12 overall

There are now multiple reports that Rogers will be taking an official visit to Washington this weekend. From the day the portal opened there were rumors that Rogers would be a primary Husky target. Now that Dylan Morris has entered the portal it is a given that UW is looking for a stopgap option at the quarterback position and Rogers makes a ton of sense. He’s the #2 passer (by total passing yards) in the history of the SEC although it didn’t hurt that he’s also the only starting quarterback to have run the air raid in that conference. Given all of the smoke around Rogers, it would have to be considered an upset if he doesn’t end up wearing purple and gold at this point.

RB Jo’Quavious “Woody” Marks- Mississippi State, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 93.2, #1 RB, #2 overall

Reportedly coming along with Rogers on that visit is his running back Woody Marks. During his time at MSU, Marks carried about a 60/40 share of the workload with Dillon Johnson and they put up very similar numbers. During the 2020-22 seasons Marks had 1,351 rush yds, 1,016 rec yds, and 21 total TDs on 4.6 yards per carry. Johnson had 1,209 rush yds, 853 rec yds, and 12 total TDs on 5.3 yards per carry. DJ was more efficient but had fewer touchdowns and on fewer touches.

Obviously, Johnson had a ton of success for the Huskies this season. If he chooses to move on and try for a pro career then Marks succeeding him while playing with his same quarterback would make a lot of sense. Pairing him with Cam Davis would be a dynamic backfield if Davis returns to health. Marks is going to visit USC after his trip to UW so he’s certainly not a sure thing the way Rogers seems to be.

It’s a little surprising that Marks scores quite this well in my system to be #2 overall but he’s a 4-year starter with very good PFF grades every season who was a fairly high 4-star recruit coming out of high school. His floor is extremely high even if he probably won’t be an All-American at this point. It doesn’t hurt that he grades out very well as a pass blocker as well just like DJ did.

WR Tobias Merriweather- Notre Dame, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 69.0, #34 WR, #202 Overall

Brandon Huffman of 247 Sports reported that Merriweather took an official visit to Washington yesterday. That comes on the heels of a visit to Cal and a potential future visit to UCLA. If you were a wide receiver from the state of Washington, which one of those schools would you want to go to? It is interesting that the Huskies reportedly have told class of 2024 WR prospect Aaron Butler that they’ll only have a spot available for him if Ja’Lynn Polk leaves for the NFL draft. Does that mean there isn’t a clear vacancy for Merriweather as well or are the coaching staff already factoring in that Merriweather (or another portal receiver) are a given? We’ll find out and probably sooner than later for the speedster from the southwest part of the state.

TE Holden Staes- Notre Dame, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 65.1, #8 TE, #265 Overall

It’s possible that Washington adds a pair of players from the Irish passing attack. Washington reportedly was set to receive a visit from Notre Dame TE Holden Staes on Monday and Tuesday after he visited Tennessee last weekend and is also expecting to visit Oklahoma next weekend. That appears to be his final 3 so it’s tough competition that Washington is up against.

Staes is listed at 6’4 and 242 pounds. Similar to Merriweather he was a 4-star prospect in the class of 2022 and started slow in a reserve role his first year on campus. Staes caught 15 passes for 176 yards and 4 TDs though this year as a true sophomore and his yards per route run figure (1.23) was very comparable to what Jack Westover did for UW this year. Notre Dame almost never used him as a pass blocker (245 run block snaps versus 24 pass block per PFF) so it’s tough to gauge how well he may do in that spot long-term.

TE Carsen Ryan- UCLA, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 81.3, #2 TE, #38 Overall

If you’re looking for a sign of Ryan’s versatility and athleticism you probably don’t have to look much further than the fact he was technically listed as a RB on the UCLA roster at 6’4 and 255 lbs. He was a four-star prospect coming out of Utah and has put up consecutive seasons with well above average PFF grades. There were 148 FBS TEs with at least 18 targets this season and Ryan’s 15.8 yards per reception was 12th and his 1.56 yards per route run was 33rd. There’s every indication that if given more opportunities he could be a legitimate 3rd option on a good offense.

The most recent update on Ryan came last week but the plan was for him to take an official visit to home-state school Utah starting yesterday and then visit UW this weekend. Washington will be hoping that he still takes the trip to Seattle and doesn’t just decide to return home via the portal and call it a day. Although it’s hard to blame a tight end for picking Utah given how they’ve done at developing players at that position over the last half decade.

TE Jack Velling- Oregon State, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 75.8, #4 TE, #93 Overall

This one appears to be a battle between Michigan State and Washington. Reports were that Velling visited MSU this past weekend and will be visiting the Huskies at some point in the near future. That makes sense since the Spartans hired his previous HC and OC under which he became a 2nd team all-conference selection. Meanwhile Washington is his home-town school as a Seattle Prep grad. The Huskies probably have the best chance of reeling in Velling of the 3 tight ends listed in this report but they’re in good shape as long as they can bring in one of them to help replace Devin Culp and Jack Westover. Any of the three plus last year’s portal acquisition Josh Cuevas and Quentin Moore is a good rotation.

OT Drew Azzopardi- San Diego State, 3 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 59.8, #16 OT, #376 Overall

Washington offered Azzopardi shortly after the last portal tracker piece came out. He started 6 games for the Aztecs this season at right tackle. Funnily enough he played behind former Dawg Myles Murao at that spot and broke into the lineup when Murao shifted inside following an injury to their RG. Azzopardi held his own over the back half of the season and has legitimate NFL size at 6’7 and 315 lbs.

The Huskies will almost certainly lose LT Troy Fautanu to the NFL draft but hope to convince RT Roger Rosengarten to stick around. It would make a ton of sense for them to flip Rosengarten to LT and have Azzopardi compete for a starting spot on the right side of the line. The chances of reeling in Azzopardi seem pretty good as he has said he wants to stay on the West Coast and is focusing on a final 3 of UW, Arizona, and UCLA with plans to visit UW this week.

DL C.J Clark- North Carolina State, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 61.3, #19 DL, #342 Overall

We’ll see if the Huskies are able to get in the door on this one. Clark visited Miami last week and said that his only other scheduled visit was to Washington starting yesterday. He noted in that interview though that it was something like 50/50 that he would actually take the trip and might just shut things down and commit to Miami. There’s no official word whether he landed in Seattle but it’s at least good news that he hasn’t publicly committed to Mario Cristobal yet.

Clark is a former four-star recruit who is listed at 6’3, 305 lbs. He has started 23 games for the Wolfpack over 4 seasons and accumulated 64 tackles and 2 sacks. He may not be a major upgrade over presumed starters Faatui Tuitele and Jacob Bandes for Washington in 2024 but he would at least give them another big, experienced body in the middle to rotate.

DL Michael Lockhart- West Virginia, 1 year of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 54.8, #25 DL, #471 Overall

It’s a similar story for Lockhart who is almost an identical size to Clark. He has 19 career starts at West Virginia but started his career as a mid-3-star recruit instead. Washington offered Lockhart but there’s no word yet about where he might be leaning. Other schools to offer him include: LSU, Texas Tech, Boston College, SMU, and Memphis.

CB Jermod McCoy- Oregon State, 3 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 60.7, #48 CB, #358 Overall

If you go by number and quality of offers in the transfer portal then my system’s ranking of McCoy is way too low. He has reported offers from schools such as Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon, Auburn, and USC in addition to the Huskies. There’s still no indication of where the Texas native may be leaning but Washington missing out on Will Lee raises the importance to place on McCoy’s recruitment.

CB Donovan Saunders- Cal Poly, 2 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 60.9, #47 CB, #356 Overall

Another option at corner that my rankings see as almost identical but who has much lower competition is Saunders. That isn’t to say that no one is after Saunders. He has reported offers from Utah and TCU among others. The Huskies already have a 2-way connection with Cal Poly after they imported TE Josh Cuevas last year but Sam Huard left UW to be their starting quarterback. Saunders spoke with Dawgman and noted that Chuck Morrell recruited him out of high school but that Fresno State didn’t end up offering. At 6’3, Saunders was late to football (primarily played basketball) and his recruitment was impacted by the pandemic so he settled for an FCS offer.

Saunders had a superb sophomore season for Cal Poly with 3 interceptions and 10 pass breakups across only 37 targets. That means he got a hand on the ball more than 1/3rd of the time they threw the ball in his direction. His numbers are very similar to those of Jordan Perryman at the same level so there’s some reason for skepticism that wasn’t there with Jabbar Muhammad. But Saunders has the upside of a future power conference starter and at the very least should be a good rotation corner.

S Kamari Ramsey- UCLA, 3 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 90.3, #1 S, #8 Overall

Washington will be hoping they can pull off a coup by managing to earn a commitment from Kamari Ramsey. My #1 ranked safety in the portal is taking official visits to both Ohio State and Washington this weekend. Recruiting up against the Buckeyes is never an easy task and it’s unclear if Ramsey is down to just those 2 schools or might still take more visits if he isn’t completely sold by either school’s pitch.

Ramsey redshirted last season but became a full-time starter this year and helped spark UCLA to one of the best defenses in the Pac-12. He finished the season with 45 tackles and 1 interception but the advanced stats loved him despite relatively low counting stats. He only missed 6.3% of tackles and allowed completions on just 47% of targets. Those numbers were 4th in both categories out of 112 Power 5 safeties to play at least 550 snaps.

The Huskies are losing Dom Hampton but the status of Asa Turner is uncertain since he technically has one more year left after injuries held him to just 4 games, forcing a redshirt. A tandem of either Ramsey and Kamren Fabiculanan or that duo joined by Asa Turner would give Washington one of the best safety duos in the new Big Ten.

S Kobe Savage- Kansas State, 1 years of eligibility remaining

Current Portal Ranking: 60.0, #48 S, #375 Overall

While Ramsey may be the juiciest target, managing to reel in Kobe Savage wouldn’t be too shabbu. Last year Washington added a 2nd team all-Big 12 secondary member in Jabbar Muhammad. Savage earned the same honors this past season. He finished the season with 77 tackles and 3 interceptions after also picking off 3 balls in his first season at K-State.

The Huskies are battling Oregon for his services per On3 and he plans to make a West coast swing to visit both schools this weekend. Savage’s path has taken him from Texas A&M Commerce to Tyler Junior College to Kansas State to hopefully Seattle.

Top Uncommitted Players at Each Position


  1. DJ Uiagelelei, Oregon State- 94.0 (#1 overall)
  2. Will Rogers, Mississippi State- 87.3 (#12 overall)
  3. Kyle McCord, Ohio State- 85.9 (#15 overall)
  4. Gerry Bohanon, South Florida- 84.0 (#19 overall)
  5. DeQuan Finn, Toledo- 81.9 (#33 overall)

Running Back

  1. Jo’Quavious Marks, Mississippi State- 93.2 (#2 overall)
  2. Trevor Etienne, Florida- 90.2 (#10 overall)
  3. Raleek Brown, USC- 83.5 (#22 overall)
  4. Kay’Ron Adams, Massachusetts- 81.9 (#32 Overall)
  5. Deion Hankins- UTEP- 79.8 (#44 overall)

Wide Receiver

  1. Ja’Corey Brooks, Alabama- 82.0 (#31 overall)
  2. Zavion Thomas, Mississippi State- 80.2 (#41 overall)
  3. Donaven McCulley, Indiana- 79.8 (#45 overall)
  4. Julian Fleming, Ohio State- 79.4 (#48 overall)
  5. Rico Flores Jr, Notre Dame- 79.3 (#51 overall)

Tight End

  1. Maliq Carr, Michigan State- 81.6 (#34 overall)
  2. Carsen Ryan, UCLA- 81.3 (#38 overall)
  3. Jack Velling, Oregon State- 75.8 (#93 overall)
  4. Corey Dyches, Maryland- 74.9 (#100 overall)
  5. Jake Johnson, Texas A&M- 67.6 (#230 overall)

Offensive Tackle

  1. Carter Smith, Indiana- 76.4 (#86 overall)
  2. Micah Sahakian, Cornell- 71.7 (#139 overall)
  3. Fernando Carmona Jr, San Jose State- 69.6 (#184 overall)
  4. Monroe Mills, Texas Tech- 67.9 (#225 overall)
  5. JC Davis, New Mexico- 67.7 (#229 overall)

Interior Offensive Line

  1. Quantavious Leslie, Western Kentucky- 83.0 (#25 overall)
  2. Trey Wedig, Wisconsin- 82.6 (#28 overall)
  3. Vincent Murphy, Western Kentucky- 78.3 (#60 overall)
  4. Josh Priebe, Northwestern- 73.8 (#109 overall)
  5. Chase Bisontis, Texas A&M- 70.1 (#171 overall)

Defensive Line

  1. Walter Nolen, Texas A&M- 87.1 (#13 overall)
  2. Aeneas Pebbles, Duke- 77.5 (#74 overall)
  3. Marley Cook, Middle Tennessee- 74.9 (#99 overall)
  4. Keith Cooper Jr, Tulane- 71.0 (#154 overall)
  5. Chris McClellan, Florida- 70.8 (#158 overall)

Edge Rusher

  1. Tyler Baron, Tennessee- 90.8 (#5 overall)
  2. Princely Umanmielen, Florida- 90.7 (#7 overall)
  3. Patrick Payton, Florida State- 83.6 (#21 overall)
  4. Jahfari Harvey, Miami- 82.5 (#29 overall)
  5. Keaten Wade, Kentucky- 79.6 (#46 overall)


  1. Jaishawn Barham, Maryland- 91.5 (#4 overall)
  2. Jackson Bratton, UAB- 82.8 (#27 overall)
  3. Ozzie Nicholas, Princeton- 79.2 (#52 overall)
  4. Devyn Curtis, Middle Tennessee- 76.3 (#88 overall)
  5. Jahsiah Galvan, Northern Iowa- 75.1 (#98 overall)


  1. John Humphrey, UCLA- 83.2 (#23 overall)
  2. Tyreek Chappell, Texas A&M- 81.5 (#35 overall)
  3. Mumu Bin-Wahad, Connecticut- 79.9 (#43 overall)
  4. Jaidyn Denis, Elon- 79.4 (#47 overall)
  5. Trikweze Bridges, Oregon- 79.0 (#54 overall)


  1. Kamari Ramsey, UCLA- 90.3 (#8 overall)
  2. Key Lawrence, Oklahoma- 85.7 (#16 overall)
  3. Andrew Mukuba, Clemson- 85.2 (#17 overall)
  4. Jalen Catalon, Texas- 83.2 (#24 overall)
  5. Isheem Young, Ole Miss- 81.4 (#37 overall)


Make sure to check out the most updated transfer portal rankings right here. You can view both the overall rankings as well as which teams have lost and gained the most through the portal so far.