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Washington Remains 5th in College Football Playoff Rankings

The Huskies didn’t move up as none of the 8 teams at the top lost this past weekend


The second release of the College Football Playoff rankings came out tonight and Washington remains 5th overall with no changes in the order of the teams in the top-8. Previously #9 Oklahoma was the only top-ten team to lose this past weekend.

The Huskies continue to be the lowest ranked unbeaten among power conference teams trailing Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, and Florida State. Washington was one of two teams among that grouping of five alongside Georgia to defeat a ranked opponent this past week. The Bulldogs took down Missouri at home (#12 last week) while Washington traveled to Los Angeles to defeat USC (#20 last week).

With the loss, USC fell out of the top-25 and it seems probable they won’t return given they take a trip to Eugene this weekend to take on Oregon. Also dropping out was their end of season opponent, crosstown UCLA.

The Ducks continue to lurk right behind Washington at 6th after obliterating California. Oregon State (12th) and Utah (18th) each moved up as well plus Arizona (21st) entered the rankings for the first time to give the Pac-12 five teams. Washington still has 2 wins over ranked teams now with Arizona replacing USC and the Huskies will have a chance to double that in the next two weeks.

On the broadcast of the rankings reveal, Greg McElroy criticized the committee for putting Oregon at 6th ahead of Bama and Texas who each have a better resume but haven't won by similarly impressive margins. We'll see how much they continue to value "eye test" over resume moving forward when teams like #4 Florida State have no meat left on their schedule.

Here’s a look at the paths for the other teams that have 0 or 1 losses with most recent SP+ rank in parentheses.

#1 Ohio State: Michigan State (72), Minnesota (51), at Michigan (1)

If they beat Michigan they will likely play Iowa (33) in the Big Ten title game

#2 Georgia: Ole Miss (15), at Tennessee (11), at Georgia Tech (62)

Will almost certainly face Alabama (7) in the SEC title game

#3 Michigan: at Penn State (5), at Maryland (37), Ohio State (3)

If they beat Ohio State they will likely play Iowa (33) in the Big Ten title game

#4 Florida State: Miami (26), North Alabama (228), at Florida (36)

Will almost certainly face Louisville (20) in the ACC title game

#5 Washington: Utah (24), at Oregon State (16), Washington State (52)

If they win beat Utah or Oregon State will likely play Oregon in Pac-12 title game

#6 Oregon: USC (17), at Arizona State (91), Oregon State (16)

If they beat Oregon State they will likely play Washington in the Pac-12 title game

#7 Texas: at TCU (29), at Iowa State (42), Texas Tech (35)

If they win out will play...someone in the Big 12 title game

#8 Alabama: at Kentucky (25), Chattanooga (142), at Auburn (38)

If they win out will play Georgia in the SEC title game

#9 Ole Miss: at Georgia (2), Louisiana Monroe (125), at Mississippi State (60)

Almost no realistic path to the SEC title game

#10 Penn State: Michigan (1), Rutgers (53), at Michigan State (72)

Needs to win out and get help to make Big Ten title game

#11 Louisville: Virginia (93), at Miami (26), Kentucky (25)

If they win out will play Florida State in ACC title game