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Monday Dots: Huskies Prevail Over USC in Action-packed Shootout

Dillon Johnson has a field day as Dawgs put Trojans away in 4th quarter

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NCAA Football: Washington at Southern California
Washington Huskies running back Dillon Johnson (7) runs down the field for a touchdown
Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

  • Saturday’s game played out how most expected - a back and forth score-fest from two of the country’s best offenses, each attacking shaky defenses. It felt like with such prolific offenses the game would swing on how many timely stops either D could come up with. And two huge plays that swung the game IMO were A) the ZTF strip fumble on Caleb Williams just before halftime that flipped UW from playing catchup and made USC do the chasing from that point on,,
  • and B) the sack on Williams midway through the fourth quarter on 3rd and long that not only kept USC from potentially jumping past UW’s 3-pt lead with a TD — it took them out of FG range altogether. Those stops by the Husky D were even more dramatic, given that Williams was continually working his scrambling magic act, and made Husky defenders look downright silly more than once. No shame in that, the Heisman winner is truly special.

  • The image on TV of Caleb Williams balling his eyes out in the arms of his family didn’t bring me any joy (maybe a little satisfaction), but does his post-game quote deserve to be placed on that shelf where we keep Todd Marinovich’s “All I saw was purple” quote? I’m leaning Yes.

Go Dawgs!!